Weight Blue In rounds three, four and five, Ivan continued to have the upper hand, dominating Rocky by using his reach advantage, Rocky was unable to cut the distance and Ivan continued to unload with heavy strikes on Rocky, but with every punch that Ivan threw, Rocky kept coming back for more and more. After the fight, Ivan hugs a humiliated Viktor Drago and Ivan assures him that it is okay and that he is proud. The Soviet Union was extremely arrogant in Ivan's abilities; however, Ivan never bragged about it. 31 Ivan seems delighted by all of this while Viktor doesn't seem to care for their stamp of approval. Creed II is hitting theaters on November 21. Exiled from Russia and Training his son Adonis shoves Ivan, which prompts Viktor to shove Adonis and causing Adonis to become infuriated and attempt to go at Viktor, but Viktor is clearly not deterred by it and simply looks at Ivan, followed by walking away. In 2018, three years after his loss to "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, Adonis "Donnie" Creed has won six straight bouts, culminating in a victory over Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler to win the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. Drago dodged the bullets and killed Alfredo. But Adonis isn’t the only one carrying father issues into this fight. He wouldn't go down. athlete. Ivan fought a fellow soldier named Alexei Baluk defeating him and catching Ivan has raised his son in hate and Ivan has continued to train his son ruthlessly for the last 20 years. resilience as he was vicious and relentless, not stopping until he finished an Drago was supposed to be a genetically engineered super athlete who was created to show how futuristic training might make athletes of the future. Lovers Boxing Statistics Viktor Drago (born 1990) is a Ukrainian Heavyweight boxer and the son of retired Heavyweight boxer Ivan Drago. Balboa was able to land a few body shots, prompting Ivan to smile and point at his stomach, asking Rocky to bring it! Captain Ivan Drago (Russian: Иван Драго, born November 3rd, 1961) was the main antagonist in Rocky IV and Creed II, and flashback antagonist in Rocky V. He is a former Russian professional boxer, Olympian and a Infantry Captain for the Soviet Army. He had an impressive amateur Out of Universe Ivan briefly finds his way back into the good graces of the Russians as he and his son are invited to a private dinner held by some of the most powerful and influential people in Russia. was raised with discipline, due to growing up in such a rough environment. Drago destroyed the robot as well. Ivan would eventually join the Soviet Army becoming an Infantry Captain, it The cowboy attempted to strangle him with his lasso, but Drago was able to defeat him, too. Ivan came out second and was praised with support from his home crowd, he entered the ring and nodded to his superiors who were sitting in the upper decks of the crowd. The Russian's present their faith and support by offering a gift to Viktor, custom-made boxing shorts. Tier: 9-B. Powers and Stats. Following the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ivan fought pro for a short time while raising his son. Nicolai drops a few snide insults towards the Americans, stating he hopes they can educate them on body chemistry among other things. Rocky made it clear to everyone that he would attempt to avenge Apollo Creed's death at the hands of Ivan, which is now labelled "Death from Above". It was predicted by the majority of sports analysis that Apollo would defeat Ivan because of his outweighing experience and his ability to win under pressure. The press questions if Ivan has used any anabolic steroids, in which Ludmilla replies ''Never! Here’s all the info you need on Creed II’s scary antagonist. Biographical Information This was During the time that Adonis is recovering from his injuries and regaining his confidence that was shattered, Viktor claims his first official victory on the American stage, knocking out an unnamed opponent in the first round, followed by rising to the top of the boxing ranks over the next few months thanks to his unmatched power and brutal offence. Then he met another unusual sight, a cowboy. talks and always spoke on his behalf at press conferences and interviews. When Bianca suggests starting a new life together in Los Angeles, Donnie is reluctant to leave Philadelphia as it would mean leaving Rocky. Family He was extremely determined in the ring, capable of outworking any He appears as the main antagonist of both the 1985 film Rocky IVand the 2018 film Creed II. Drago's punching power was measured and it was well beyond that of whatever the best puncher in the world could do. The conference culminates with Nicolai informing the press that the average heavyweight boxer averages 700 pounds of pressure per square inch when punching, Ivan then demonstrates a punch that totals at 1850 psi. Informations complémentaires. After the fight, Rocky Balboa did whatever he could to get a fight with Ivan, but the boxing commission stated that they would not sanction the fight, urging Rocky to wait two years. The elder Drago got the boot from his home country after the fall of the USSR, and he ended up raising his son alone. Physical Description He also met Serial mom whom the criminals used to fool Drago, but to no avail, and he, in disgust, killed her and the baby (which was a doll filled with blood that did not fool Drago at all). Wins by KO That friend was, of course, Apollo Creed. Wins Ivan mentoring his son at the end of a round. And Viktor’s success will be his own after his fall from grace 30 years ago. After Viktor knocked out another opponent in Ukraine and Adonis Creed won the World Heavyweight Championship, Ivan, Viktor and Buddy travel to Philadelphia to issue a challenge to Adonis for the title. It's clear that Ivan is looking to finish the fight as quickly as possible. Former Heavyweight Champion and retired boxer named Apollo Creed watched the press conference from his home, looking visibly frustrated and annoyed with the comments. size and strength by saying, "he is like your Popeye. Ivan continued after the sound of the bell, throwing two more punches to the bloodied Apollo. The national anthem of the USSR was then played as they unveiled a huge mural of their star athlete Ivan Drago! Eventually, Rocky was able to work out a deal with Ivan's team to have the fight take place in the USSR on Christmas Day for no money whatsoever. whatever he hits, he destroys. However, Ivan never unified the title or fought the very top contenders due to promotional politics. 0 It was discovered that his blood pressure was over 200, and he had to be flown on a low-altitude flight from Canada to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, where he remained in intensive care for four days.
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