Several of these releases had minor changes from the originals, mainly the removal of rubsign indents. Optimus Prime's and Ultra Magnus' cab section are functionally identical to one another. Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Hubcap and Bumblejumper aka Bumper are all functionally identical to one another. Unlike Hasbro UK, Takara had more autonomy in regards to their releases and storyline that were running concurrent with the American line. [29][30] Although in a broad sense, forty-three of these new toys are Autobots, and thirty-one of them are Decepticons, the branding for the toy line became much more specific during this series, as various subgroups began to be introduced. The 1991 line did away with the Micromasters but had additional Action Master characters, in addition to re-uses of some of Takara's previously Japanese-exclusive molds. The cartoon was ended with a truncated three-part special, with reruns continuing on in syndication. Robotic beasts made a splash with the Dinobots and Insecticons. The rubsigns were also key to another bit of promotion, the mystery-allegiance Mini-Spies that came with the Mini Vehicles this year as bonuses. Hasbro generally seemed less keen on remaking the past, focusing their efforts on new lines, but saw the value in trying to get the reissues into fans' hands... even if there had to be compromises for safety reasons. [45], Series 2 features two Autobot Deluxe Vehicles; Roadbuster and Whirl. Their planet of Cybertron had become decimated and both factions have been reduced to scavenging for needed supplies, primarily energy. Hooooh boy. Where previous years tended to be a bit scattered with its transformation types, the Headmasters and Targetmasters presented a more unified theme across both factions and multiple price-points. As with the Micromasters, the focus was mainly on the low-price items, with the carded individual Action Masters getting the largest amount of product. While in its robot form, the toy consists of three separate parts: the main figure, which transforms into the cabin of the truck; an Autobot Headquarters, which transforms into the tractor trailer, serves as a combat deck, and includes a mechanic/artillery robot; and a small scout car named Roller, which launches from the Autobot Headquarters. As such, only thirty-five of these new toys are standard Autobots and only eighteen of them are standard Decepticons. Despite many/most of the toys having been available just a year or two prior, the new story and cartoon propelled Transformers sales far beyond those of the lines that the toys originally came from. You can kind of guess how well that worked. The idea that you could buy anything via computer, much less toys, was a novelty at best. Marvel Comics held the license during the original run of the toy line. Takara was the first to get the reissue ball rolling, and generally took the lead in re-releasing classic "Generation 1" molds over the course of several years. The bulk of the changes were to the stickers (mainly adding new faction symbols, but also removing "Diaclone" texts and potentially-legally-contentious brandings) and some light retooling, including the removal/weakening of springs inside the missile launchers for safety reasons. The 1991 and 1992 toys also found their way to Asian and Australian stores. The nostalgia-grab got larger, with new toys based on some of the most popular characters from the early years, now back as "Classic Pretenders". [17] Brawn, who serves in demolitions, transforms into a Land Rover Defender 4x4;[18] Bumblebee, who serves in espionage, transforms into a Classic Volkswagen Beetle;[18] Cliffjumper, a warrior, transforms into a Porsche Turbo 924;[19] Gears, who serves as a transport and in reconnaissance, transforms into a 4WD off-road truck;[19] Huffer, the construction engineer, transforms into the cabin of a semi truck;[20] and Windcharger, a warrior, transforms into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.[20].
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