Both, however, share the same basic plot. LEUR GUERRE SE DÉROULE SUR NOTRE MONDE. The first season of the North American animated series was imported and dubbed with an increase in humor, under the title of Beast Wars: Super Lifeform Transformers, but due to the short length of the second season, it proved necessary to wait until both it and the third season were completed before any more could be broadcast. Additionally, a fifth season of sorts was aired in 1988, serving as a kind of "best of" collection of the series. Six further clip episodes were produced for video, taking the total to 44. Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy is the sequel series to Transformers: Rescue Bots, aimed at a younger audience than its predecessor. Although frequently used to simply refer to the original 1984-1991 marvel comic series, 1984-1987 animated series, the term encompasses all Transformers fiction from 1984 to 1992. These 65 episodes were exported to Japan in the same year, where their airing order was rearranged and the series was broadcast under the title of Fight! Led by their new Supreme Commander Star Saber, the Autobots battle the Decepticons under the command of Deszaras for control of the galaxy's resources. Dai Atlas is a "Powered Master", so named for his motorized gimmick, as is his combining partner Sonic Bomber - the toyline also featured another partner for them, Roadfire, who was not in the episode. Although the toyline itself would grow to include many brand new figures, and the comic book which accompanied it was a continuation of Marvel's Generation 1 title, the Generation 2 animated series stuck very closely to the toyline's opening cascade of "rehashed G1." Running to 30 episodes, the third season ended with the two-part The Return of Optimus Prime, bringing the legendary Autobot leader back to life. The series tackled the heavy philosophical concept of what it meant to live in an increasingly technological society, running to 26 episodes over two seasons, though in its native Canada, the show was aired simply in one long 26-episode run. The series then begins in the year 2010, when three teenagers - Rad, Carlos and Alexis - find and reactivate the buried hulk of the Mini-Con ship, sending out a signal that brings Optimus Prime, Megatron and their troops to Earth. It aired from August 2, 2016 to September 20, 2016. 1986 marked a huge change for The Transformers with the summer screening of The Transformers: The Movie, which jumped the action forward in time twenty years to the then-future of 2005 and pitted both the Autobots and Decepticons against the menace of the giant planet-eating robot, Unicron. Dark energon weakens and corrupts transformers, and it can be used to raise the dead, which Megatron does in the beginning of the series. The 21st century saw a total reboot of the Transformers universe (first being Takara's produced Car Robots, imported and called for Western release as Transformers: Robots in Disguise), as Hasbro collaborated with Japanese Transformers producers Takara to create a new storyline with Transformers: Armada and its sequels, produced in Japan and then dubbed for English-speaking audience. The Australian version includes the "StarTV" dub on a few early and late episodes in the series. The Autobots and Decepticons, allied since the conclusion of Armada, have entered into an alliance with humankind in order to mine for energon on Earth, and now operate out of massive "Cybertron Cities" in strategic locations around the world. LA NAISSANCE D'UN HÉROS. Energon is the emanation of Primus, the creator of the Transformers, and it functions in transformers as blood does in humans. The cast of Zone is heavily composed of Micromasters, who also made up much of the toyline. 18 series animadas de Transformers. Taking place in an unspecified amount of time after the events of Super-God Masterforce (there is a common misconception that the series takes place in 2025), 1989's Transformers: Victory is the third Japanese-exclusive series, the final complete Generation 1 cartoon. With the help of his friend, Windblade, they will encounter challenges to recover Bumblebee's memory. des statistiques de visites. US • Worldwide. Beast Machines was not exported to Japan for several years, finally reaching the country in 2004 under the title of Beast Wars Returns. It was released in Japan six months later in January 2003, where it was known as Transformers: Micron Legend. Bumblebee marque les premiers pas du réalisateur Travis Knight à la tête d'un film "live", celui-ci ayant jusqu'ici brillé dans l'animation du côté du studio Laika, en travaillant sur Coraline et L'Étrange Pouvoir de Norman, et surtout en signant Kubo et l'Armure magique. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies pour améliorer le Dozens of new characters were introduced throughout the season, including the Triple Changers, the combining teams the Aerialbots, Stunticons, Combaticons and Protectobots, and more new Autobot cars and Decepticon planes, while many new ideas and concepts began to establish the history of the cartoon universe. The final episode ended on an open note, should the series prove popular enough to continue, which it did. After Cybertron became uninhabitable due to the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, the Autobots scattered across the Universe. Inutile de chercher plus loin, tout reste prétexte à aligner des explosions, fusillades et plaisanteries. With popularity rising, the second season soon followed in 1986 at a mammoth 49 episodes (in order to bring the total up to 65, for syndication).
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