This line marked a departure from Japan having unique decos of each figure, as brand synergy was a focus. With Hasbro's renewed focus on simpler toys for children, the "traditional" Deluxe, Voyager and Leader Class assortments were explicitly split off under the Generations banner, receiving a much reduced focus in marketing and even being entirely store exclusive in the United Kingdom and Germany (Deluxe and … Punch-Counterpunch was exclusive to Amazon in North America. Replacing the weapons of the Hasbro releases, these new Mini-Cons transform into their larger parnter's signature weapons. The Wave 1 figures also came in a "DVD Edition" case: the only difference is the slightly different packaging and the inclusion of a mini-DVD that contains the. Notable differences between the Hasbro releases versus the TakaraTomy versions is that the latter figures don't have their product code numbers embossed, and have stickers in Japanese language covering parts of the packaging. Exclusive to online retailers in the U.S. market,[2] Ricochet and Red Swoop had previously been hinted at by Elita-1's packaging artwork and regular Swoop's preliminary CG stock render. Preorders up for Transformers Generations Selects Ricochet and Swoop! The Transformers: Prime toyline hit shelves in November 2011.Originally, Hasbro played coy with the series receiving a toyline at all, emphasizing that it was a television series first and foremost. Transformers Generation Selects Abominus (Anime Colors) … All Voyager Class figures also include an Enigma of Combination, shaped like a Prime Master spark mode, that can fit onto their combined mode chest. It is the final installment in the Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy.It consists of the toy line, as well as the animated web series Transformers: Power of the Primes. Hoping to snag a slightly-older market, the toys were given a bit of "model kit" vibe. Based on the Autobot from the 1980s cartoon. The Arms Microns also had multiple 5 mm posts and holes, and could be combined into super weapons, plus the larger toys were retooled to have new Arms Micron mounting points. The Transformers: Prime toyline hit shelves in November 2011. Transformers Power of the Primes Alpha Trion (Landmine) - Prime Master. Sold Out View. Eventually, in late 2012, ToysЯUs picked up the whole "First Edition" line as part of a huge block of U.S. market exclusives for the holiday season. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings and fights tirelessly to defend it. The Dark of the Moon Cyberverse line continues into this one, but with a special feature. Nemesis Prime was an Amazon exclusive in the United States. Power of the Primes is a toyline, multimedia and transmedia franchise created by Hasbro as part of the Transformers brand. On-package bios were reduced in length to just a sentence or two, and the instruction sheets instead feature facts about one of the figure's main weapons, as well as a chapter of the Tales of the Beast Hunters prose story. Optimus Prime is the noble leader of the Autobots. Finally releasing well after the Prime cartoon had premiered and run through several episodes, the "real" Prime toyline was bent a little more towards kids, with simpler transformations than the First Edition toys (including "false" vehicle-mode parts sculpted into purely robot-mode bits) and a handful of smaller play gimmicks. Unlike its predecessors in the Prime Wars Trilogy, Power of the Primes was not rolled into Legends or Adventure in Japan. Each figure represents one part of the trilogy. Sold Out View. These accessories (dubbed Prime Armor) also facilitate the Prime Master integration for those size classes: Deluxes can use their hand as chest armor, into which a Prime Master spark mode can slot, and Voyagers can use their feet as forearm bucklers, which similarly fit a Prime Master. Instead, Takara's Power of the Primes (パワーオブザプライム Pawā obu za Puraimu) line forgoes the usual cartoon-accurate redecos or retools that typified Takara's take on other portions of Generations and features toys that are identical to their Hasbro versions down to the last factory-applied sticker. The 7-inch scale figures convert from robot to beast and combine to form a menacing Predaking figure! Legends Class figures retain the ability to seat a small figure in alt-mode, whilst the Deluxe and Voyager Class pricepoints see the return of Combiner Wars-style Combiners. Power of the Primes is a toyline, multimedia and transmedia franchise created by Hasbro as part of the Transformers brand. Paint operations were reduced and replaced with old-fashioned sticker sheets, so you had to customize/complete the toy itself... and then there was the blatantly model-kit Arms Microns packed in with every toy. This series introduced the dangerous Predacon faction, robotic dragons and mythical creatures that posed a threat to Autobot and Decepticon alike. Power of the Primes is a subline imprint of the Generations toyline, and the third and final portion of the Prime Wars Trilogy. Meanwhile, Wreck-Gar was exclusive to Walgreens in the U.S. but found at EB Games in Canada and general retail in Hasbro's Asian markets. Transformers Generation Selects TT-GS05 Abominus (Anime Colors) - Giftset. "First Edition" Beast Hunter Optimus Prime, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Video Game Trademark Revealed, Transformers GL-04 Golden Lagoon Soundwave - Leader. The final chapter of the Prime Wars saga features some of the greatest hits of the last two lines as well as brand new concepts for the leader and legends scale toys. Before the line's release, a fan vote took place to determine a character who would become a new Prime in both the toyline and accompanying stories, with Optimus Primal claiming victory, and a place in the Leader Class assortment. First revealed in mid- 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con and subsequently debuting at the end of the year, Power of the Primes , in keeping with the previous two toylines, features a line-wide gimmick : " Prime Masters ", small Titan Master -type figures that … The rest ended up released only overseas (not even Canada got them!). Naturally, several Prime characters got toys in the follow-up toylines Go!
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