I am not happy in our relationship. (to help) When I you again? not too difficult sentences, just easy sentences to make the different uses clearer for me :). I am not normal. Form of the will-future. You (meet) lots of interesting people. (to see) His parents him for being late. in a year, next …, tomorrow; Vermutung: I think, probably, perhaps; Exercises on will Future. Lily eats not only string beans but also broccoli (Merriam-Webster 2017). Tell me as many daily expressions as possible. An incorrect version of this might be: Lily eats not only string beans but also runs. (not/to punish) they the contract tonight? Example: they the match? Ex; He is not only poor but also unemployed. I am not interested. For negative sentences in the Future Simple tense, we insert not between the auxiliary verb and main verb.For question sentences, we exchange the subject and auxiliary verb.Look at these example sentences with the Future Simple tense: The owner of it will not be notified. Do you need help? Signal Words. Ex; He is not only handsome but also intelligent. (to be) you me? I am not + example sentences Here are some examples of "I am not + " sentences: I am not Barack Obama. (to win) Answer: Will they win the match? I am not fleeing well. I am not Jesus mommy. Subject + Verb + not only + Noun + but also + Noun. MP Robert Jenrick had labelled the two-year sentence … (to sign) It us three hours to get there. I am not dead. I am not left handed. Use will.. Jim asked a fortune teller about his future. Many people (serve) you. They back by 6:30 pm. positive sentences … Show example. Everybody (adore) you. Ex; He speaks Spanish not only naturally but also fluently. You (travel) around the world. I am not coping. Subject + Verb + not only + Adverb + but also + Adverb. example: I will not watch TV tonight. You (not / have) any problems. I am no t disposable bottle. In this sentence, two nouns (‘string beans’ and ‘broccoli’) have been used, ensuring this construction is parallel. A child sex offender jailed for 18 months will not get a heavier sentence, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday. I am not gay. See a translation Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. I am not crazy. Put the verbs into the correct form (future I simple). There (not / be) anything left to wish for. I am not calling you. I am not forgotten. The sentence given to an intoxicated driver who hit a teenage boy and killed his dog won't be reviewed, according to the Attorney General. Ex; Mark works not only careless but also hasty. an action in the future that cannot be influenced example: It will rain tomorrow. conditional clauses type I example: If I arrive late, I will call you. They (anticipate) your wishes. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. OK. Read more comments Huuiii. Here is what she told him: You (earn) a lot of money.
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