Conoce a todos los personajes de Riverdale y a los actores que los interpretan. J.J. (Cheryl) Rey Gargola (Ethel) De vez en cuando intimidaba a Jughead en la escuela. As Jason was killed prior to the start of the series, not much information about his personality was known at first. This led to a secret engagement with Nana Rose's blessing, and her heirloom ring. Jason Blossom However, according to Cheryl, he was the best brother anyone could've asked for, and was a genuinely nice person who didn't deserve to be tortured and murdered. Archie asks where his father is, to which Arti replies that Archie was supposed to go get him.[13]. Jason was the son of Clifford and Penelope Blossom, and the twin brother of Cheryl Blossom. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Aunt Cricket and Cousin Fester, who came to investigate the disappearance of Uncle Bedford, are almost as terrified of the sight of Jason's corpse as of the possibility of having eaten Uncle Bedford in the meatpie.[15]. Born Edad Jason se caracteriza por no haber tenido ningún solo dialogo a lo largo de la temporada, y según los productores de la serie, decidieron mantenerlo así para darle profundidad a su personaje y que solamente supiéramos su personalidad a través de lo que las demás personas cuentan de él. El día de su desaparición y sus apariciones posteriores en flashbacks sobre ese mismo día o los acontecimientos posteriores, siempre aparecía vestido completamente de blanco haciendo conjunto con la ropa de su hermana el 4 de Julio. El día de su de… Alias(es) After realizing that they had stumbled upon evidence, Betty and Jughead call the authorities, but by the time they got there, the vehicle was up in flames. Cuando eran más jóvenes, Cheryl insistía en tener su cumpleaños separado del de Jason a pesar del hecho de que eran gemelos, hasta un año, él aleatoriamente recomendó que lo festejaran juntos. Murió supuestamente en circunstancias misteriosas cuando cayó de un bote en el Río Sweetwater el 4 de julio, antes del comienzo de la serie. "Chapter One: The River's Edge" However, Jason didn't share this desire and this led to his demise, at his own father's hands. According to Jughead, that was the last certain thing anyone knew, as Boy Scouts stumbled upon a distraught and soaked Cheryl huddled on the rocks near the water. Irónicamente, a pesar de su posición de liderazgo en los Bulldogs de Riverdale, no era un chico especialmente musculoso. After his body was found, Jason was buried in the cemetery on the grounds of Thornhill. Género According to Veronica Lodge, Jason was "crazy handsome", and Cheryl agreed, saying that he was the "handsomest". Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! The pair rowed a boat. A narrative quickly emerged. Jason fue el hijo de Clifford y Penelope Blossom, y el hermano gemelo de Cheryl Blossom. She claimed she dropped her glove in the water and he tried to retrieve it for her, tipping the boat over in the process, thus drowning. Benjamin Blossom † (ancestor)Barnabas B. Blossom † (great-great-great-grandfather) Unnamed Paternal Great-Grandfather †Unnamed Paternal Great-Granduncle †Harrison (great-uncle)Cricket (aunt)Bedford (uncle)Rose Blossom (paternal grandmother)Clifford Blossom † (father)Claudius Blossom † (uncle)Penelope Blossom (mother)Cheryl Blossom (twin sister)Hal Cooper (2nd cousin, 1× removed)Alice Cooper (2nd cousin-in-law, 1× removed)Polly Cooper (3rd cousin/fiancée)Betty Cooper (3rd cousin)Juniper and Dagwood (twin daughter and son with Polly) Body hair is individually punched and the wig, made of real hair, is glued so that it can be combed. So it can be presumed that Penelope looked favorably on him. Archieverse Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. Prior to the discovery of his body, his parents buried an empty casket. Later on, after the memorial, Betty and Jughead discovered from his grandmother, Rose Blossom, that he had intended to marry Polly. Last summer, Jason approached FP Jones at the Whyte Wyrm, a known hangout for the Southside Serpents. Primera Aparición Chapter One: The River's Edge Fue interpretado por el actor Trevor Stines. He was often seen wearing his blue and gold varsity jacket though. Todas tus series en FormulaTV. We failed you. According to Polly, what started out as a casual conversation blossomed into an epic-forbidden romance. As the heir to the Blossom family empire, Jason was set to inherit the Blossom Maple Farms, however, his untimely demise sparked a turning point, which led many to wonder who would inherit the family business in his place. The plan consisted of them getting word to Jason's father that he was alive and well, but that his safe return would be reliant upon a large amount of money being paid forward by the Blossoms. [7]. It emerged that Jason did not, in fact, die on July 4th, as previously thought, but a week later. It was there that she briefly hallucinated seeing Jason underwater with her. Notably, Jason was the family heir, who according to Cheryl was the golden-boy. Fue capitán del equipo de waterpolo de la escuela y un miembro de los Bulldogs de Riverdale. Clifford visited him, but rather than wishing for his son back, he snatched Nana Rose's heirloom ring from a pocket in Jason's shirt, before shooting him in the head. According to Betty, he meant the world to her but she meant nothing to him.
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