When Katie calls Ryder for help, Ryder is always very confident that she will be saved and is always eager to save her. At the end of the episode, Ryder was very proud of Marshall for helping Katie find her lost kitties. She doesn't like you and you don't like her! Marshall: (finishes) Yeah! Early days, when the PAW patrol was young... Ryder was teaching Marshall how to use his cannon at Mayor Goodway's since she wanted her steps cleaning. When. Chase squeezed the toothpaste with his paws slowly and started brushing his teeth. The pups went to play on the beach while Katie and Ryder sat at the table still chatting. Er- it's cold out there. The pups gasped. Katie: Wow, thank you! It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. 8. Then Ryder grabbed Katie and brought her off of the chair lift and then held her hand to safely take her down the snow steps until Cali freaked out and fell off the chair lift and down the steps. Owen Mason (1° voz) Elijha Hammill (2° voz) René Pinochet (latino) Megumi Han (japonés) PAW Patrol Catch Halloween Episodes All Week Brand NEW Episode Coming Oct 8th! Ryder closed his eyes and began to drink from the straw. Fans have adopted names such as Rytie and Kader. Ryder could not stop staring. Some imagine it as a romantic pairing while others see it as a friendship pairing. She is showing her bare feet. (He directs it at the steps). My name is Zack Ryder, but I go by the name Ryder. Ryder kissed her once more and Katie blushed and a little speechless. Ryder: Well, my favorite color's red, what's yours? You're a real friend! Hey pups! My name is Zack Ryder, but I go by the name Ryder. No se sabe el paradero de sus padres, pero sí que es el dueño de Marshall, Rubble,Chase,Rocky,Zuma y Skye. When we washed it off, he squeezed it properly and then started his teeth. Ryder: Hi, Katie! Chase: (Finished eating) Sounds like a good idea, Ryder! Ryder: Well done Marshall! A little before Ryder started the paw patrol he just got to adventure bay to start a new life so he got off the train and looked around and mayor good way greeted him there. And your here just to introduce yourself? Ship Type Katie: (Giggles) I brought my grey Persian, Cali! But maybe you do? (Mr. Porter walks up and the two pups go back to playing volleyball with Alex). Katie was very grateful again for having Ryder and his pups save her again. Chase: That's the spot! Katie X Ryder Thought the other voice. Then they undressed Rocky and by the time they finished eating it was noon. Ryder: Now, I've invited the new neighbor, Katie who runs the grooming shop to Mr. Porters for lunch tomorrow. Ryder: Y-Yes tomorrow would be fine. They both finish the shake and stare at each other, seemingly getting closer by the minute. At the end of the episode after Mandy was back on the train, Chase, Skye, Marshall, and Rubble were acting like monkeys to get a treat and it made Ryder and Katie laugh. Later in the episode during Marshall's dream, Ryder and the pups were having a meeting in the Air Patroller discussing how to free Katie from the lookout and end the sleeping spell on her and he said the only way to do that was true loves first kiss. Katie: Hi Ryder! That's the spot! And that'll be..? (A removal van shows up and a girl steps out). Ryder looked worried and said, "worried?". Diamondback: We just finished! Template:YoutubePlayer (Close to you - The Carpenters). Mayor Goodway: Well, I wish the best for you Ryder. Katie X Ryder is a ship between Ryder and Katie. Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups found Cali stuck high up in a tree and Ryder told Marshall to use his ladder like a bridge to save her and it worked. (He goes over there and approaches Diamondback) May I ask how the progress is? Ryder: I can't help it, she's s-so beautiful... What should I do?? And the rocks are blocking his way!'' But Rocky nudged Chase and nodded at the pair. Marshall, the dalmatian firefighter dog. ''Ryder dashed to Paw patrol, but he fell into bedrock on the way! Thought the other voice viciously. Katie X Ryder has received postive reactions from fans and it is not debatable at all who else Ryder or Katie should be shipped with. I'm just here to introduce myself and see if you needed a hand! (The water comes on and sprays Chickaletta) oops! My name's Katie Forrester, but just call me Katie. Ooh, no! It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. Cool. After that, Rubble and Ryder made a snow stair case up to Katie and Cali and Ryder climbed up the steps and Katie said, "Yay Ryder!". Ryder: (Thinking) Phew, I didn't mess up! She said again. Rubble then asks Ryder who her true love was, and Ryder said Cali of course. Katie: Sure, Ryder! Then when Ryder parks his ATV, Katie had an affectionate smile towards him. Later in the episode, Ryder and Katie were together eating that lime pie and they smiled at each other while eating the pie. Ryder then leaves the Air Patroller to head over to Katie to help her untangle the Dragon's tangled whiskers. Katie has shown hints that she may have a crush on Ryder and the best moment was "Pups Save a Dragon" where Katie really wanted to see Ryder's reaction to having to kiss her in which she giggled when he looked nervous and put on the spot.
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