Seems like it was more of a casting issue ? CELIA (Nathalie Kelley) IS DEFO COMING BACK! Alexis will get caught because of Hank and get sent to prison. The way Kelley told the press about her departure makes it seem like there's some bad blood behind the scenes. I think it was a behind the scenes thing. Eu me senti limitada e me sentia presa. Dinastía (título original: Dynasty) es una serie de televisión estadounidense basada en la serie del mismo nombre transmitida por ABC entre 1981 y 1989. People return all the time. & País da Vivi e Sandoval – Análise Ep 7, VIS A VIS EL OASIS | Goya virou o Negan & Maca e Mônica estão ferradas – Análise Ep 6. (“Eu recuperei minha vida , ”Ela disse notavelmente na época. Maybe Nicolette Sheridan's casting and her character suddenly taking up the most amout of screentime in those few episodes in season 1 had Kelley and the producers clash. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Notifique-me sobre novas publicações por e-mail. My pet peeve is actually when they recast a character, it bugs me to no end, so I'm at least glad they came up with the Real Cristal Flores thing, and it adds a twist to the whole thing! O papel da Cristal Flores de Dinastia provou ser difícil de manter, e a Nathalie Kelley comentou sobre sua jornada na primeira temporada.. Kelley interpretou Cristal durante toda a primeira temporada do drama, apenas para a atriz anunciar repentinamente durante o hiato de verão que ela não voltaria para a segunda temporada. They wouldn't allow her ashes to get scattered in a non dramatic way otherwise, they were fake ashes. Now I find myself watching it hoping Cristal 1/Celia will make a come back. Cristal is shot, burns in a fire, is turned to dust in a cremation, and then her urn is smashed to pieces and her ashes probably irretrievable from the mess of broken glass. And so I was really anticipating to find out who was going to play Alexis and was super disappointed it turned out to be her, and now we're stuck with just her. James Mackay abandona 'Dinastía' tras la marcha de Nathalie Kelley El actor se ha despedido de la serie a través de su cuenta de Instagram, apenas unas horas antes del estreno de … That they started the season by adding a new opening credits cast member to play a young Latina named Cristal tells me there was some behind the scenes drama with Nathalie Kelly. Or it was the production's choice to get rid of her because they didn't want the actress anymore ? There's something very common looking about the new Cristal but that's just my opinion. Havia um esboço básico. It could be me reading too much into things but I feel like having Alexis knock off the urn and smashing it to pieces was the production's way of dashing any hopes of that character coming back. I won't count on it so as to not be disappointed if it doesn't happen but if it does, it will be a welcome surprise ! Say was a “creative choice” and that avoids this story turning into a “We fired her.” Kelly: “I wasn’t fired, I quit!” tabloid rumor story. 1 a few months ago. Pouco tempo depois que Kelley deu a notícia de sua própria partida, o chefe da CW Mark Pedowitz sustentou que. What they'll do is; The new Cristal will marry Blake. Welcome to r/DynastyCW, a subreddit dedicated to the series starring Elizabeth Gillies. Maybe she decided to quit because she felt sidelined by the addition of Alexis and also Fallon. Newsmax is a WordPress Theme with hundreds of features to let you build any kind of website. CELIA (Nathalie Kelley) IS DEFO COMING BACK! Pouco tempo depois que Kelley deu a notícia de sua própria partida, o chefe da CW Mark Pedowitz sustentou que a decisão era criativa , acrescentando que foi tomada no meio da primeira temporada do programa. Critica | Caindo Em Pé (2020) – Esse drama do TNT Originals, é introspectivo! A versão de Kelley da personagem foi eliminada para dar lugar a “a verdadeira Cristal”, interpretado por Ana-Brenda Contreras … que depois saiu da segunda temporada por motivos pessoais e foi substituída por Daniella Alonso. I'll give the new Cristal a chance but I wish we could have had both Cristals at the same time on the show. She didn’t leave the show by choice. Se estrenó el 11 de octubre de 2017 en The CW. 'Dinastía' va a dar un nuevo giro de tuerca a su culebronesca trama con un intercambio de Cristals. El presidente de The CW, Mark Pedowitz, ... Ana Brenda Contreras y Nathalie Kelley. durante o hiato de verão que ela não voltaria para a segunda temporada. I’m not a big fan of Alexis they said she’d be on for a couple episodes at first now she’s a series regular?? Últimos episódios da 1ª temporada de Holly Hobbie e novos episódios de Coop e Cami chegam no Disney Channel. Critica | Legado Nos Ossos (2020) – Uma continuação de ‘O Guardião Invisível’, que tem mais do mesmo! Liked her too, pretty bummed about this :( Don't think she'll return. El piloto fue anunciado en septiembre de 2016 y fue ordenada como una serie el 10 de mayo de 2017. O papel da Cristal Flores de Dinastia provou ser difícil de manter, e a Nathalie Kelley comentou sobre sua jornada na primeira temporada. So I think she's pretty much gone and even if Cristal Carrington came back, she would not be played by Nathalie Kelley. , acrescentando que foi tomada no meio da primeira temporada do programa. Speaking of terrible actresses...What a slap in the face to Joan Collins casting Nicolette Sheridan as Alexis, this woman makes a parody of this pivotal role and couldn't act her way out of a paper bag...... Kelly Rutherford would have done a much better job and yet she got the stupid role of Steven's Baby Momma .... Dynasty will die after Season 2 sadly because of such bad casting choices. (“Eu recuperei minha vida , ”Ela disse notavelmente na época.). I was only watching Dynasty for Nathalie Kelley. Was Cristal's character written off the show because Nathalie Kelley didn't want to go back to Dynasty for season 2 ? Alexis will get caught because of Hank and get sent to prison, In the season finale CELIA (Nathalie Kelley) will return, They can make the next season about the conflict of Celia and Cristal. Edit: Not done watching S02E01 but the ashes urn makes it pretty unlikely she's coming back unless major plot twist. “Obviamente, é um telefonema difícil de ser recebido como atriz … Isso me pegou de surpresa”, disse Kelley sobre a decisão da rede de substituí-la. Fue creada por Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage y Sallie Patrick. Más cambios: Ana Brenda sustituirá a Nathalie Kelley en “Dynasty” La actriz de origen mexicano, que protagonizó telenovelas como “Juro Que Te Amo” y “Corazón Indomable”, será parte de la nueva temporada de la serie “Dynasty”, donde interpretará a la verdadera Cristal Flores. Notifique-me sobre novos comentários por e-mail. Sou simplesmente apaixonado por filmes e série, herói favorito da DC Superman (Smallville <3), herói favorito da Marvel Feiticeira Escarlate (Wanda), fanatico por comédias e maratonador de séries. Um Passado de Presente 2 | Teremos uma continuação do filme de natal da Vanessa Hudgens? It would have made much more sense to exit Culhane, to be honest, although I ship him and Fallon together. e muito mais, Dinastia | Série retorna com 3ªTemporada em Maio de 2020 na Netflix Brasil, saiba como fica a dublagem, Dinastia | Alexis e Cristal recriam cena de luta icônica da série original, confira imagens, The Baker and the Beauty | Victor Rasuk e Nathalie Kelle de ‘Dinastia’ formam um casal no primeiro Trailer da série latina da ABC, Riverdale, The Flash, Dinastia, Batwoman e 9 outras séries são RENOVADAS pela The CW, Dinastia | Elaine Hendrix de ‘Operação Cupido’ é a nova Alexis na série da CW, Katy Keene | Kevin de ‘Riverdale’ vai para Nova York em imagens do novo episódio, The Good Doctor | 2ª temporada estreia no Sony Channel ainda em Abril. Não era algo que eu tivesse experiência … posso dizer que, como artista, não me aprofundava tanto quanto podia. Talk about kicking a dead horse. Although I wouldn't totally put it past them to pull a come back at some point, though, maybe to pull up the ratings later, unless they have a real problem with this actress somehow. VIS A VIS EL OASIS | Zurena ACONTECEU!!! O Poço | Final Explicado – Entenda o Final do filme da Netflix, The Society | Explicamos o Final da 1ªTemporada da série da Netflix. ”. Given that she's been exposed to the money longer than Cristal and the new Cristal. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 1.5m Followers, 610 Following, 415 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from nathalie kelley ☀️ (@natkelley)
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