The show is titled D' Simpsons, an abbreviation for De Simpsons. [24] A dub of the movie was released with The Simpsons Movie DVD, with Annica Smedius providing the voice for Bart once again.[25]. On August 30, 2013,Viasat 6 broadcast the season finale of season 24. 08-ago-2019 - weiwei descrubrió este Pin. Los Guaracheros de Oriente – La Cumbancha jetzt kaufen. Although these changed references would be familiar to the French-Canadian viewer, in real life these would be awkward because almost all Québécois media is unknown in the United States. World Some of the name of the characters is adapted to a similar name in Portuguese or translated, when there are words or names in the Portuguese language. The MBC show had a poor reception in the Saudi Arabian market, described by Poplak as "all-important". On February 4, 2014, the Hungarian version of Fox launched, and from season 25, Fox broadcasts new episodes of The Simpsons in Hungary on Fridays. Si, es obvio que para disfrutar los simpsons de forma integral se tiene que haber viajado,leido y visto si no es lo menos. In November 2012, Liù Bosisio and Ilaria Stagni, were replaced by Sonia Scotti (Marge), and Gaia Bolognesi (Bart). This resource is designed for UK teachers. [5], The Simpsons has been dubbed into the French language twice, once in the Canadian province of Quebec and again in France. The Spanish voice acting is performed in standard Castilian accent. Whereas the dubbing in Spain tends to be more literal and to not translate character names nor toponyms, in the Hispanic American version many of the character names are translated, sometimes freely. Cartoons in Saudi Arabia are perceived as being for children, and adults, puzzled at why cartoons were airing during the post-Iftar time, chose to watch other channels. Login to your account. All references to drugs, drinking and sex have been removed. Another exception is made for the Simpsons family's dog, Santa's Little Helper, who is called "Le p'tit renne au nez rouge" (the French name for the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", which literally means "Little Red-Nosed Reindeer") in the Quebec version and "Petit Papa Noël" (name of a French Christmas song that literally means "Little Father Christmas") in the French one. Marge was dubbed by Elisabeth Volkmann. The French audio on most Region 1 DVDs is the Quebec dub, although very early releases used the European French dub instead. There are many differences between the two versions, as there are differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and in Hispanic America. While the France version kept the original English, translating in the subtitles, the Quebec version changed the writing on the board directly to French. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and La familia Los Simpson … 268 talking about this. [7] These catch phrases are translated in the Canadian French version as well: "Eat my shorts" becomes "mange de la crotte" ("eat shit") while "Why you little..." becomes "mon p'tit verrat" ("you little brat"). On July 14, 2013 Tonino Accolla, the voice for Homer Simpson, died on July 14, 2013 and was replaced by Massimo Lopez. The u in Krusty is pronounced as /œ/ as usual in French if words derive from English language such as club. In the list of voice actors chosen was Humberto Vélez, a recognized voice actor; besides dubbing Homer Simpson, Vélez was the narrator and translator in the series. The Spanish version of The Simpsons also distinguishes itself by using more literal translations of what the characters are saying. "[2], The show debuted after al-Iftar on October 4, 2005, the first night of Ramadan. Noticeably, Carl has the accent of a Black immigrant from Haiti.[6]. Arabs who were fans of The Simpsons also had a negative reaction. However, American and Texas flags along with pictures of Texas state (such as on the side of police cars) are not edited. Discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. The Simpsons was first broadcast in Luxembourgish in September 2011 on RTL Luxembourg, after many years of being able to watch the show in the more widely spoken French language on French TV. The Simpsons is dubbed into the Spanish language in two versions, one for Spain, and another in Mexico targeted to all Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. In both versions, the show is named Los Simpson, as last names are pluralized in Spanish using the article rather than the -s suffix (although it's commonly misspelled as "Los Simpsons"). Due to this, in one episode where Homer visits Canada, the roles of anglophones and francophones are completely reversed, resulting in a stereotypical English-Canadian speaking French and a stereotypical French-Canadian speaking English. Conditions. are changed to references to Québécois ones. In 2000, the Spaniard version was awarded the Best Simpsons Dub in Europe by FOX.[17][18]. When Homer tries to throttle Bart, his phrase "Why you little..." becomes "espèce de sale petit..." (literally "you dirty lil'...").
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