Due to their lavish spending, J.J. left an estate valued at only $238,000 (worth $3,635,296 today). 3. [1] His father, James Brown, was an Irish immigrant. Both J.J. and Margaret are buried in the Cemetery of the Holy Rood in Westbury, New York. James Joseph "J.J." Brown (September 27, 1854 – September 5, 1922), was an American mining engineer, inventor, and self-made member of fashionable "society". The Brown family came into great wealth when J.J's engineering efforts proved instrumental in the production of a substantial gold and copper seam at the Little Jonny mine of his employers, Ibex Mining Company. Tomi Rae Brown (née Hynie, May 21, 1969) is an American singer who claimed to be the fourth and last wife of James Brown. Their son, James Joseph Brown II, was born on June 11, 2001, although James Brown questioned his paternity. A progenitor of funk music and a major figure of 20th century music and dance, he is often referred to by the honorific nicknames "Godfather of Soul", "Mr. Dynamite", and "Soul Brother No. He was foreman of the Louisville Mine by the time he and Margaret met. In December 2001, James Brown married his fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, at his home on Beech Island, South Carolina. Her parents were Perry Bryant, born about 1859, and Susan, born about 1861 in South Carolina. Brown is the mother of James Joseph Brown II, born June 11, 2001. Their son, James Joseph Brown II, was born on June 11, 2001, although James Brown questioned his paternity. James Earl Behling, born Feb 5, 1924, in Fish Pond, in, Bamberg County, South Carolina, who died July 3, 2005, in Bamberg County, South Carolina. Joseph Gardner Brown, known affectionately as "Pops," was born on March 29, 1911, in Barnwell County, South Carolina, and died July 10, 1993, in Augusta, Georgia. Although J.J. was not born into wealth, he was ambitious, smart, and charismatic. According to family history, his father was a married man and his mother worked as a housekeeper in the home. James Brown II. Brown's other heirs asserted that Brown had undergone a vasectomy in the 1980s, precisely to avoid paternity suits in the future, and thus James II couldn't possibly be his son. He’s James Brown’s youngest son and his Mother is Brown’s last wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, who was also a former backup singer for Brown’s band. J.J. was born in Waymart, Pennsylvania. The marriage ended when Adrienne died on January 6, 1996, in California from complications following plastic surgery. Monnie Behling and Rebecca Bryant were married and had the following children: Kimberly Powell is a professional genealogist and the author of The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy. Susie Behling was born Aug. 8, 1916, in Colleton County, South Carolina and died Feb. 26, 2004, in Augusta, Georgia. Yamma Brown is one of James Brown’s daughters. His wife was RMS Titanic survivor Molly Brown. The Ibex Company and its owners, including the Browns, became extraordinarily wealthy. J.J's mother home-schooled him and later sent him to St. John's Academy. Monnie Behling was born about March 1889 in South Carolina and died between 1924 and 1930, probably in South Carolina. Image: Tomi Rae Hynie and her son, James Brown II. That was how Margaret's moniker Molly was acquired. Woodrow Behling, born May 24, 1921, in Fish Pond, in Bamberg County, South Carolina, who died May 25, 1921, in Fish Pond, Bamberg County, South Carolina, vii. This article is about the engineer. Second Generation (Parents) 2. James Joseph "J.J." Brown (September 27, 1854 – September 5, 1922), was an American mining engineer, inventor, and self-made member of fashionable "society". His parents were Stephen Behling, born about May 1857, and Sarah, born about December 1862, both in South Carolina. His father, Joe Gardner Brown, was of mixed African-American and Indigenous descent, and his mother, Susie Behling, was of mixed African-American and Asian descent. His mother, Cecilia Palmer, was a schoolteacher. $118,000 was divided between her two children. Her son Lawrence received a $59,000 (worth $735,920 today) trust fund, and her daughter Catherine received a $59,000 trust fund. In 1894, the Browns moved to Denver, Colorado, buying a $30,000 Victorian mansion in Denver's wealthy Capitol Hill neighborhood. The decision was based on the grounds that Hynie’s previous marriage … The agreement gave Margaret a cash settlement and possession of the Victorian mansion on Pennsylvania Street in Denver's Wealthy Capital Hill neighborhood, and also the summer mansion Avoca Lodge in Southwest Denver, near Bear Creak. This means that either Edward Evans or Lilla Williams is a parent of Joe Brown.
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