It's a cruiser but a, "I never rode a motorcycle and I went riding with my boyfriend and enjoyed being a passenger, but I'd love to learn, "I saw many adult boys riding bikes, so I had a dream to buy a bike and ride it. For example, warmer weather jackets have more zippers and vents to allow for adjustment of airflow around the body. How to Ride a Motorcycle for Beginners: If you are reading these instructions, chances are you want to get into the world of riding a motorcycle. Staying comfortable keeps you alert and makes the ride more enjoyable. The gear shifter is typically located by your left foot and is used to shift one gear up or down while you’re pulling the clutch lever. Photo from my day at the Northwest Motorcycle Clinic. If you are making a left turn, push away from yourself on the right side of the handlebar. You’ll know you’re in 1st gear when the shift pedal doesn’t click down anymore. Is it necessary to downshift while braking? Many bikes require you to disengage the clutch while you start the engine. Think of your clutch as a dimmer switch when using it. First, put on proper apparel for safe riding. How do I overcome a fear of riding a motorcycle? So how cold is too cold to ride a motorcycle? This will cause the bike to lean to the left. Find a motorcycle safety course in your area. This is the most you'll have to bend your body during the riding process. This is usually located under the kill switch. School parking lots work well when everybody is gone. But there are ways to minimize your risk and put the odds more in your favor. As the bike gains forward momentum, put your feet up on the pegs. Remember to start slowly. Thank you so much. I want to learn because I will need to get around Japan - going for a whole year. I knew absolutely nothing. Yes, there are several options for automatic motorcycles out there, and although manuals are still much more common, automatics may be making slight gains in popularity and availability. Very very helpful article. The handbrake lever on the right handlebar applies brakes to the front wheel, and the lever on the right side of the bike near your foot works the rear brake. Do I have to know how to ride a bicycle to have good control of a motorcycle? As you let the clutch out and slowly roll the throttle back to pick up a little speed, continue riding in a straight line. It's a sequence you can't shortcut. Grip the handlebars, clutch lever and brake lever. Most sport bikes require only two-fingered operation. If you feel intimidated, do not fear, you will adapt quickly. After 2nd gear, you don’t have to pull up with your left toe quite as hard since you’re not going through neutral. Basic rider courses offered by your local government may not always be available in your area. Your right hand also controls the front brakes, whose lever is located in front of the throttle, much like on a bicycle. Find a friend that already knows how to ride. Once you are moving, accelerate slightly and pull you feet up onto the pegs. As you slow down, make sure you downshift. Doing so will not only make you a safer rider, it will make your riding more graceful and effortless. But I am nervous, so I looked this article up and its wonderful step by step. The key is to maneuver your motorcycle with a smooth touch and gradual input. It also included safety measures which help to prevent accidents, "I'm planning on learning how to ride one. This, "By reading this article, it was easy for me to learn biking. When you’re driving, you should shift gears by first pulling on your clutch with your left hand to disengage the rear wheel. The best helmet for you is an individual thing. Motorcycles shift differently than cars. This article told me everything I wanted to know, plus a bunch of other really helpful things. ", "I enjoyed your helpful guide to riding a motorcycle. ", larger bike. The pattern is typically 1st gear, neutral, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, and so on. You don’t always need to go all the way into 1st gear. This article helped me how to start and, "It's too helpful without asking others. The lever on the right side of the bike near your foot works the rear brake. As you slow down, turn your head to look to the end of the turn. Are there any motorcycles that are automatic? How To Ride a Motorcycle. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Place your right foot on the center stand's tang to make sure it's flush on the ground, then push your bike gently forward. References Why? The purpose of gloves is to reduce injury from being hit by insects and flying debris, as well as keep your fingers warm. Keep your head up and look through the turn. Learn more... Learning to ride a motorcycle can be fun. Additionally, clutchless shifting may be harder or easier to perform on certain motorcycles. Unlike an “On-Off” switch, you want to gradually and smoothly pull and release the clutch to prevent your bike from stalling. Pull in the clutch when braking and gearing down. It went through the tedious little details and was extremely helpful, especially for beginners, "I believe I can start riding now with fewer problems, as I have never ridden a bike before. Note that each brand differs in their sizing, so consult the sizing table of each brand that you are considering. If you want to learn how to make turns or come to a controlled stop on a motorcycle, keep reading the article! Start with your left foot, then your right. If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the controls. Start with a short trip, then build up to longer and more frequent ones. No it's not. This article has been viewed 1,496,599 times. S: Stands, including the center stand and/or kickstand. It protects your head from injury in the event that your motorcycle goes down.
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