This links to my theory that temporal magic will help Kratos cause ragnorok as Mimir said that the magic can freeze time and thus the sun and moon from moving, but it couldn't stop Sköll and Hati, so they stopped using it as one of the signs of the beginning of ragnorok is that the two wolves will finally catch and swallow the sun and moon, darkening the skies. Since he still looks in his fifties in the ps4 game even though he's over 1000+ years old, I bet it'll take some thousands of years for him to look as old as Zeus. I have deduced that GOW 4 takes place after 500 AD as that’s when elder futhark runes, which are seen continuously throughout the game, completed it’s alphabet. Using irl timeline is kinda wonky since we don't even know if they're in the same universe. However, I saw a thread a while back that echoed a feeling I got when playing the game in that Kratos is in fact Tyr. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, we can estimate that God of War 4 took place in 534/535 AD; We can also roughly correspond the date at the end of God of War III to the historic destruction of Sparta via cataclysmic earthquake, which happened in the year 464 BC. Kratos is obviously active military when he calls on Ares, and he has a young daughter. This means that roughly 999 years has passed between the end of GOW3 and the end of GOW4. I don't see how anyone could become an actual general at 20. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is this rage that drives Kratos forward in all of his quests. Or posting anything related to GOW really. Add Caliope's age at death to 30 and that's roughly when Kratos would start the events leading to the first game. We don’t know the eaten of aging of demigods, so previous to gimme becoming a god we don’t know. Nice speculation regardless. God of War 2 takes place at least 12 yrs after 1. GOW 4 takes place in the pre Viking era which is 500 BC to 700 AD. He'll catch a few wrinkles and grow some gray hairs, but Grandpa Kratos can still blast your ass into another dimension. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Now we know Kratos is a god and is more or less immortal when it comes to being killed, especially that he still seemingly has Hades' soul, but it seems he can still age and so that brings up the question can he die due to age or is him aging due to Kratos himself wanting to live as a mortal and kind of letting himself age? While it’s never been outright stated as to how old Kratos is, there’s enough evidence to reach an estimate. I think it's also worth noting that the World Serpent being sent back in time was only possible due to Thor hitting him so hard, not through some type of object and the only magic that is linked with time is the Vanir temporal magic that Mimir talks about when you're making your way up to Thamur's hammer, but that magic was only used to freeze time rather than reverse it. So first of all kratos existed at the time of the poet homer before the classical age of Greece in the 8th century BC. So Kratos can be around 22-23 years old in this game. Therefore we can assume that if this is true, Kratos will end up being MUCH MUCH older by the time his story ends. Kratos served Ares for ten years and when he decided to stop serving him (after death of his wife and child). Or posting anything related to GOW really. So till Gow 3 he must have been in his late 40s to early 50s. Similar to how Atreus was all sick and shit until he realized he was a god and now he's all set to be an immortal, If Spartan people can get wives at age 30, Calliope died at age 8, And in Gow: Ascension he must be at least 38. His current chronological age is probably at least a couple hundred years old. I also hope that if they do go down the whole time travel route that they don't over do it and don't over complicate things. Seems like Kratos was like "hey you're a good warrior and so am I.
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