In Greek mythology, the primordial deities are the first gods and goddesses born from the void of Chaos. Ourea appears in the opening scene where it is shown Ourea engaging in a fight against other Primordials. Contents. N/A. Chaos (mother) Erebus (brother) Nyx (sister) Gaia (sister) † Tartarus (brother) Current status. God of War: Ascension (Mentioned only) Eros is the Primordial entity of Love and Desire and one of the first beings born out of Chaos. Alive (Presumably) Behind the Scenes. God of War: Ascension - Primordials DLC System Requirements analysis for PC - Check any computer Can run God of War: Ascension - Primordials DLC recommended minimum requirements & system specs Die Primordials waren die erste Rasse von Wesen und Gottheiten, lange Zeit bevor der Existenz von Göttern und Titanen. Their war was so massive it caused many natural disasters which created the Earth and the Universe. Appears in. Misc. Primordials. The Primordials were the first race of deities that inhabited the empty universe, predating both the Olympian Gods and Titans. Voiced by. In the God of War series God of War: Ascension. In the God of War Series God of War: Ascension. Ourea along with Ceto fought in the war against the Primordials along with their parents and relatives. Information. DIe Primordials traten auch meist elementatisch auf, ähnlich wie bei den Titanen. Hesiod's first (after Chaos) are Gaia, Tartarus, Eros, Erebus, Hemera and Nyx.The primordial deities Gaia and Uranus give birth to the Titans, and the Cyclopes.The Titans Cronus and Rhea give birth to Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter who overthrew the Titans. Family Member/s. Sie sollen riesengroß, sogar größer als Titanen gewesen sein. In the beginning of time, The Furies were formed from the madness and rage of a war that was waged between the Primordials (the ageless creators of the world and universe), the Furies were tasked to punish the wicked and treacherous. It's said that before the Titans and the Olympians, a war broke out between the Primordials, the beings who forged the Earth.
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