What makes this boss fight so challenging is having to keep an eye on two different enemies at once. Here, one guy will feint while the second guy attacks. You have a rather small window to land that shot to stun it, and then run up to start wailing on its head. Remember to stay vigilant and keep your eyes on the orange directional pointer to dodge the attacks. Remember to rush over to Hraezlyr and deal damage on the red spot on his head in order to deal a lot of damage. Here, a cutscene will trigger which will increase the health of The Stranger to 100%. In between each ‘combat’ phase, you’re then forced to have your shield up as you try to figure out which direction Magni and Modi are coming from. However, he does have a particular weakness and that is to Shatter Crystal explosions. Kill her Nightmares first as they can be easily dealt with by using Atreus’ arrows and axe throws. They come out of his staff and go in three directions. Share this on Facebook (opens in a new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in a new window) Inside the battle between Kratos and "The Stranger" When this happens, a cutscene will begin to play which will show Kratos using Hraezlyr’s own claws in order to finish him once and for all. Magni and Modi are there for just one reason, and that is to stop Kratos whichever way they can. Check out the complete list of God of War PS4 bosses. They’ve both got very distinct move sets, and focusing on either one presents the player with different challenges. The stun usually occurs after the second Shatter Crystal detonates. Unlike the other bosses you’ve faced so far in God of War, this one pits you against two distinct enemies. Mother's Ashes and The Journey Home are the final steps in God of War PS4's main story. She also has a Unique Elite Enhancement that gives her a massive increase in damage and status power. Baldur is an incredibly swift enemy, and you’ll need to pay attention to his dashes and dodges, and basically keep track of his location at all times if you don’t want to get pummeled. Press L2 to aim at them and then R1 to destroy them. After that, you can counterattack the enemy. Magni has to be your focus during the earlier parts of the fight. After that, keep on moving ahead until the path finishes and you will be able to pick up the Skull from the ground. You will have a couple of small encounters followed by the actual main encounter at his arena. If you still find your health being an issue, try to collect the green orbs scattered about the map so that you can replenish it. She’s on a whole other level, and she makes the story boss fights look like child’s play. Rotating around in a circle while listening out for their voices is a tense affair, as you only have a few chances to guess correctly and block with your shield right before they pounce on you. Apart from that, it is very important to take out all of the orbs that are shot towards you. The double swing has another spin in it that can be quite surprising and catch many players off guard. After that, use counterattacks to deal damage and whittle his health down to half. Gullveig appears after you collect three bones of her and return them to the spirit. The Dark Elf King of Alfheim is the first real challenging fight you’ll face in God of War. The whole fight becomes a matter of watching his combos, dodging when necessary, then going in for the kill – all while making sure that you have the right weapon equipped for his different forms. This Valkyrie Queen fight is certainly the toughest one God of War has to offer, and it’s a memorable one to boot. All throughout the fight, Freya will constantly try to intervene with shockwaves and vines, making the fight even more challenging than you might expect. This is the complete list of all the main bosses in the new God of War for PS4. This boss defends the Bridge of the Damned. Copy. There are a total of seven different bosses that you will have to face during your time in the game, and this God of War Bosses Guide will be your one-stop companion to defeating them all. It’s also the very first fight in the game that actually demands that you learn how to guard break and pull off timely dodges. Hraezlyr can also do a stomp wave that can be blocked by your Guardian Shield. In order to fight Gullveig, you need to find 3 different bones of her and return them to the Spirit. If you thought the story bosses in God of War were a letdown overall, don’t worry. And if you’re really unlucky, he might even throw a darkness bomb at your feet to trigger blindness. It is immune to most effects including Shock, Weaken, Stun, Frost, and Burn. Keep on attacking the Stranger until he is seemingly dead. You can block the dash-punch and dodge the shockwave. This fight isn’t particularly difficult, but getting through it requires you to have fast reactions and good aim. Kratos has to face off against Kratos and Modi fights Atreus. In the backyard, The Stranger will repeat the same moves and mix them up in different patterns. Category:God of War (2018) Enemies - God of War Wiki - Ascension, Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, Weapons, Bosses and more! Both of the heroes have six segmented health pieces that need to be emptied. Loves to play all sorts of FPS, Sim Racers, and FIFA. 11 0 23. This is one of the few fights in the game that actually gives you a bit of play style freedom in how you want to approach it. The latest God of War game might not feature boss fights quite as epic in scale as past entries in the franchise, but it still does offer up some dramatic encounters that … In this fight, Baldur is able to switch between ice and fire forms, which forces you to constantly swap between your own weapons as well. Spends his time ... 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