You will not need to customize it. I always had a thing for bike sports and love almost anything that involves bikes and boards. Why Learning First, Sharing Second Is Important Now More than Ever, 2020 NFL Expert Picks: Teams to Watch Out For on Week 11 Games. Here’s a table with bikes in the same price range if you’re looking to compare entry and mid-level hardtail MTB’s. From a value proposition, Trek is less attractive, with the recent difference in prices, this is where Giant stands out. The rear suspension keeps working and the wheels descend less. After researching all the cons and pros of both brands it’s hard to tell which truly is better. Whether this is your first time buying one or, have been out for a while and... How Long Do Ebike Batteries Last & How to Increase Lifespan. In the end, you can’t go wrong with Trek or Specialized, both offer great high-quality bikes. It is recommended to not get in this trap as it has no significance and this stunt is more of a marketing strategy. The option isn’t available for those who are opting for the Specialized mountain bikes. Type above and press Enter to search. Both claim their systems are far superior to their competitors however this remains to be seen. These bikes aren’t very responsive and feel a bit uncomfortable riding trails. What it basically does is it allows the shock mount not to increase any movement which in turn translates to transferring more energy to pedaling and not let the suspension waste it. At entry-level, you get slightly better parts when you go with Specialized. The most important factor that needs to consider before finalizing the purchase is if it perfectly fits the body or not. That’s the only way we can improve. The design of Specialized is a bit more modern and provide a more elegant look. However, there are no differences that can be seen in the entry-level segment. Both brands offer a variety of mountain bikes for both men and women. The cheaper specialized bikes are made of with aluminum, while the expensive bikes are built with carbon frames, just like Trek and Cannondale. Bike fit is the most important factor when you’re looking for a new M… The most common mountain bikes can be roughly divided into hardtails (only front suspension) and full suspension bikes. While you can’t make a wrong decision going for either brand, they do come with a few differences, including in their price. The mountain bikes or any other bikes are designed to fit the body type, not on the basis of gender. There are no differences seen in the hardtail bike of both companies. The debate among the various options will be there. By having features from different bicycles, these bikes are great for fitness, commuting, adventure, leisure and many more. Both technologies are great and there is no point in breaking the deal over one another. The confusion that you are in while getting a bike is obvious. I personally never met a Trek or Specialized owner that wasn’t happy with their bike. But you will still have thousands of people voting for one brand over the other, and visa versa. Giant comes to mind if you’re really constrained by your budget they often provide the best bikes at the lowest price. Either way, both suspension systems are perfectly fine, it just depends on what feels more comfortable and you need to decide for yourself. Active Braking Pivot gets rid of the problem of locking the suspension while breaking. There are some slight differences between the bikes that could help you decide whether you prefer a Giant bike over a Trek bike. As there is absolutely no difference in the build quality, the lower segment bikes are made of aluminum or steel, and the higher ends are made of carbon fiber. Specialized invented the technology to use in its specialised road bikes and named it Future Shock Rear. Future Shock Rear is a lightweight suspension that deals with rough roads. They are both respected brands with great reputations. Bike fit is the most important factor when you’re looking for a new MTB. Trek offers a bit more choice when it comes to hardtails compared to Specialized but stay away from the cheapest models (which goes for both brands). Both brands have women’s mountain bikes, but I won’t be going over these as it’s more of a marketing thing. Both brands offer parts and components from Shimano and SRAM depending on the bike and price. Before getting one, the person must try both the bikes as it depends solely on personal preference and the body type of the rider. There isn’t a clear winner. Each brand will feel different when riding their mountain bikes and it comes down to personal preference and body type which brand or bike suits you best. The only difference that is witnessed is in the geometry of the bike that is responsible for a better fit and feel. There is also a debate on Trek vs Giant MTBs but most people prefer Specialized to Giant due to a wide range of available options and multiple options are provided for each segment. Both offer competing high-end bikes with slight variations in geometry. Trek vs Specialized mountain bikes is the topic that will always be there and after going through this article, a person may be able to come to a decision. So let’s look at what Full-Floater means. If a person is finding it difficult on deciding one, other options like Giant and Cannondale can also be considered. It also depends entirely on how the budget you bring, you can’t compare a cheap Trek to an expensive Specialized MTB. This is a tough question, both Trek and Specialized mountain bikes have established themselves and offer great bikes in different categories and price ranges. Comparing Giant Bicycles and Trek Bikes is a little like comparing Ford and Chevrolet vehicles. Also comparing a $400 MTB to a $1000 MTB is just insane. Remember that both brands come from the same Taiwanese factory! There’s no such thing as ‘best brand’. The differences are seen when we move towards the full-suspension segment. Both companies use almost the same materials and frames. The customizations can be done on the parts like frame, fork, or any other part that the person isn’t best suited for him/her and thinks that it is needed to be replaced. Trek bike stand out as the exception by offering 130mm rear travel as compared to the Giant, Specialized and Cannondale brands which have a shorter rear travel at 120mm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don’t take my word for it though, try and test the bikes yourself. However, if you are a bit on the heavier side or ride fast, Giant isn’t the one that you are looking for. There are a few differences when it comes to design and technology which impact how a bike feels and handles. link to Buying a Used E-Bike & Tips and Tricks, link to How Long Do Ebike Batteries Last & How to Increase Lifespan, Differences Between Trek and Specialized Mountain Bikes. The main and big difference is seen when the bikes of high-end bikes are considered. For non-experienced bikers, comparing Trek vs Specialized mountain bikes and road bikes can quickly become frustrating. E-bike owners have to ensure that their batteries are in top shape and have the longest... Bikinguniverse is about everything that involves two wheels and a bit of pedaling. The rear suspension keeps working allowing for more chatter and your wheels will skid less, exactly like most modern car braking systems. The main difference between the two is the frame. Not everybody will agree though. Trek uses Giant frames to manufacture some of their mountain bike models, whereas Giant is the primary producer of mountain bike frames.
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