Descripción de un animal en Ingles: Macaw. El cartel incluye imágenes de los animales… A What's it about? Descripción de 10 animales en inglés: 1. Spiders are not insects although they look very similar. 2. Many people like diving to enjoy marine life. There are many animals which live in the sea or underwater. Kangaroos live neither in Africa nor in Asia. Start with In my opinion, ...2 Paragraph 2 - Give your first reason.Start with One of the reasons ... andpresent the first part of your argument.3 Paragraph 3 - Give another reason.Start with Another reason for choosing ...and present the second part of your argument.4 Paragraph 4 - Write your conclusion.Start with In conclusion, ...LO NECESITO PARA HOY AYIDA​, Alguien conoce 3 objetos modernos gadgets para estudiantes?​, Qué es un pronombre?ayuda doy coronita ono​, Rewrite the direct questions as indirect questions. Seagulls live next to the sea because they eat fish. On the other hand, hippos love water and they spend most of the day having a bath. After all, «there’s plenty of fish in the sea». Most species of bears spend the winter sleeping in a cave, what is known as hibernate. We can find many animals living in forests all over the world. 3. There are many animals that can fly and our skies are full of life. They are indigenous to Australia. The elephant is the biggest land animal. Replace the direct questions with indirect questions. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. I wonder Many people think that when ostriches are afraid they bury their head in the sand but it is not true. Crocodiles are the largest reptiles and they live in tropical rivers all around the world. Wolves and foxes are forest predators. Las oraciones en los carteles contienen al menos seis oraciones (tres por cada animal) describiendo las partes de sus cuerpos utilizando “have” o “has”. Lizards are very common everywhere in the world and they can be of neutral colors like in Europe but they can also be colorful like in South America. They are also known as wild pigs. Dolphins are very popular and they are usually listed as many children’s favorite animal. Only female mosquitoes sting and take blood. Descripción. They migrate every year, covering thousands of kilometers. They can live underground, underwater or on trees. They are so special! Penguins are birds which don’t fly and live half their lives underwater. Boars are like pigs but with fangs and can be very dangerous. They are usually the least liked animals. 4. They like playing with stamen. Zebras like living in herds. 08:31 Granjas Nombres y sonidos de animales para niños. No te recomiendo en ningún caso ir más allá y tratar de memorizar una lista interminable de animales en inglés que nunca usas en español. Camels live in the desert and can survive with very little water. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. They are very intelligent and they have very good memory, too. Their black and white stripped fur is very characteristic and very famous. Tigers also live in Asia, especially in India. Male kangaroos box each other to compete for the right to reproduce. Insects or bugs are very small animals that live everywhere. 02-jun-2019 - Explora el tablero de Montse M gmail "DESCRIPCIÓN DE ANIMALES" en Pinterest. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. Whale watching is a very popular activity when you are on holidays by the sea. They don’t have feet so they crawl on their bodies. Una descripción es un texto donde nos dedicamos a dar cuales son los atributos físicos y cualidades de alguna persona, cosa o individuo, en este caso. Only female lions hunt while male lions protect their territory. There are thousands of species of insects but most people don’t like any of them because they can be dangerous or painful for humans and other animals when they sting or bite. 5 You're going to write your answer to thisquestion: In your opinion, which is the mostimportant invention of the past 100 years?Use the Writing plan Buffaloes live in herds too. Ver más ideas sobre descripcion de animales, animales, fichas de animales. En ella encontramos muchos adjetivos y comparativos. Para imprimir las imágenes seguir los pasos que se indican: Ratón sobre la imagen→ hacer clic con el botón derecho del ratón→guardar imagen como→ descargar la imagen donde se haya guardado→imprimir. The macaw is a bird, subspecies of the parrots that has the characteristic of having a long tail. Worms and caterpillars are very similar and they are not considered insects. Descripción de algún animal salvaje usando los verbos to be, have got, can,live and eat Recibe ahora mismo las respuestas que necesitas! ayuda plis solo los q sepan inglés nose esto y luego regalaré puntos si responden bien esto ​. nternet celebrity from? Descripción de un animal en Ingles: Macaw. The cheetah is the fastest animal and they can reach up to 120 kph during short runs. Ver más ideas sobre animales en ingles, vocabulario en ingles, inglés para niños. Crows are black and some people also find them frightening. That’s why they live in tropical Africa, where it rains very often. The bat is the only mammal that flies and like owls, they are nocturnal animals. It has a big beak that allows him to eat fruit and nuts. Raccoons only live in North America but everybody knows about them because they usually appear in films and TV shows. There are many wild animals that have Africa as their home. A Is there anything good on TV tonight? Las jirafas son mamíferos y son muy altas además  tienen el cuello muy largo porque se estiran para alcanzar los frutos que se encuentran en los árboles altos, ellas tienen en su piel manchas en formas irregulares que son de color café. Octopuses have eight legs or tentacles and range in size from very small to enormous. Some flying animals are birds and others are insects or even mammals. Algunos no son muy comunes en español pero sí en países de habla inglesa como mapache o canguro y por eso los he incluido. Some flying animals are birds and others are insects or even mammals. Most African animals live in the savannah, like rhinos, elephants and lions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. El plumaje es mayormente de color rojo con trazos azules y amarillos en la punta de sus alas. Los Animales en Inglés. No te recomiendo en ningún caso ir más allá y tratar de memorizar una lista interminable de animales en inglés que nunca usas en español. Squids can also be very big and they are known for releasing ink when they feel threatened.
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