They even prevented a tag from the human dinosaur by using some classic heel tactics. WWE NXT Great American Bash; Mainstream news coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic ; AEW Dynamite YouTube Viewership Last Week. As Cassidy reached the ropes, Santana and Ortiz delivered a cheap shot to the lower back, courtesy of the madball, that allowed their fellow Inner Circle competitor to gain the upper hand. It didn't take long for Ortiz to ground Kassidy in a submission to slow down the pace a bit. This allowed him to get his hands on Anderson. Jericho missed a Lionsault, and Cassidy answered with a Michinoku Driver for a two-count of his own. Find out now with this recap of the special July 8 edition of Dynamite. The Hangman hit the Buckshot Lariat for the win after a long back-and-forth. Ford tried to regain her composure, but she didn't get the upper hand until they took the fight out of the ring. Cabana, nursing a hematoma on his left side, took the fight to Sky as the heels assumed control heading into the break. This is easily the best Ford has looked since coming to AEW, but Shida was the star here. Private Party came in hot, but by the time we went to a commercial, the heels were in control. Best Friends made the save, but Jericho capitalized on the distraction and used his baseball bat for a near-fall. Jungle Boy started strong with a clothesline before MJF and Wardlow overpowered him to take control. Taz and "The Machine" Brian Cage joined Tony Schiavone in the ring for a major announcement. Page tagged in and slammed Kassidy into Quen for a near-fall. Some of their unique counters were especially impressive. It was the second event in the Fyter Fest chronology. Lucha Bros, Butcher and Blade defeated FTR and The Young Bucks. he exclaimed before warning Moxley of what awaits him next week. Marko Stunt tried to get involved, but Wardlow ended up throwing him into Jungle Boy. Seemingly awakened by the barrage of right hands dealt him by Jericho, Cassidy fired off a series of strikes and a hurricanrana. The post-match promo revealing that she has acquired a manager adds a new wrinkle to her character at a time when it needs it. The champ tried to intervene, but the MMA fighter hit a suplex on the floor. The ratings are from his Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here). While we don't know who it may be, we do know seconds have been incredibly successful in getting other monster characters like Archer and Cage over. Hager went after Arn Anderson, but Cody dove over the top rope to cut him off. This allowed The American Nightmare to get the upper hand. This was a competitive contest from start to finish. This led to Page and Trent tagging in and trading punches. Best Friends winning would have been nice, but the outcome of the match wasn't surprising. Trent countered a moonsault from Omega, and Taylor followed up with a spike piledriver for a close two-count. The pinfall was broken up by Fenix. More than once. The babyface team controlled early, using quick tags and double-team maneuvers to down Grayson while an unamused Lee watched on. The angle here didn't really work as well as another straight fire promo from Taz would have to put over next week's match. Neither man had a clear advantage. Santana gave him a free shot and laughed at Kassidy's effort. 1 contender to the AEW World Championship Brian Cage, as well as two blockbuster tag team matches, the night was must-see TV for fans of wrestling's hottest new promotion. Subpar results in comparison to what fans have come to expect out of Hangman and Omega. Not having anyone else from The Inner Circle at ringside allowed Santana and Ortiz to shine on their own for once. There was nothing "sloth style" about Cassidy, though, as the slacker fired off an early onslaught that sent Jericho into the guardrail. Here was an all-time great who essentially laughed off the idea of Cassidy, only to be in a physical war with him that he nearly lost. They had a couple of sloppy moments, but those didn't overshadow how many great moments they produced. MJF tried to use his diamond ring as a weapon and wound up hitting Wardlow by mistake. The challengers weathered the early storm to deliver Silly String to Kenny Omega. The two-week event took place on July 1 and 8, 2020. AEW Fyter Fest 2020 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Day 1. SCU vs. Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson and Brodie Lee, FTR and The Young Bucks vs. MJF tagged out as soon as he had an opportunity. Two weeks after he and partner Sonny Kiss found themselves on the receiving end of a beating at the hands of "Murderhawk Monster" Lance Archer, Joey Janela battled the seemingly unstoppable big man in singles competition. Whoever wins the eventual FTR vs. Young Bucks match will probably be the team that wins the belts next. The neverending rivalry between SCU and The Dark Order, and the latter's recruitment of Colt Cabana, combined to make up a high-profile Six-Man Tag Team match pitting Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian against Stu Grayson, Mr. Brodie Lee and Cabana. This was a great main event featuring four outstanding wrestlers. Le Champion continued to systematically pick apart Cassidy, working over his midsection and core in an attempt to sap the life out of his opponent. Kassidy and Santana kicked things off for their teams. There were several spots late in which it appeared he may do the unthinkable, defeating Jericho even as Santana and Ortiz did everything in their power to make sure that didn't happen. "I firmly believe my actions spoke louder than words," she said, before revealing that she has taken it upon herself to hire a manager. He produced the FTW Championship that he, himself, created two decades ago in ECW and handed it over to The Machine. AEW: Fyter Fest Night 1 is taking place on Thursday, 2cnd of July at 10 AM AEST & Night 2 is on Thursday, 9th of July at 10 AM AEST. The action here was unmatched by anything we were likely to see the rest of the show, but it was the storytelling that elevated it to an "A" grade. The Bad Boy, though, delivered a rolling elbow and a flurry of clotheslines. This allowed Jurassic Express to take him out with a few moves to get the win. Jericho countered the Superman Punch, and Cassidy crashed to the arena floor heading into the final break of the night. The Cleaner answered, sending Kassidy into his own partner. Cassidy countered the Liontamer with a small package for two before Santana and Ortiz threw orange juice in his face. For a show originally slated to have a different main event, this one lived up to the moment and delivered beyond expectations. Luchasaurus finally managed to get into the ring and took the powerhouse down with a flurry of kicks. The commentary team put Archer over strong after the match, reminding fans that he was able to capture any title at any time, and the result is the reheating of a star who looked to be the next big thing in AEW not all that long ago.
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