However, I still had my doubts. You can also purchase replaceable filters from the same site. Not worth it for my purposes. Well, yes. However, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the fan, as the performance is lacklustre. What makes this mask so unique is that it features active circulation. Finally, the filter layer is made of skin-friendly material, with good absorbency to prevent the remaining agents from affecting. No content on this blog may be used without permission. While I need to do further testing, I would guess that these filters are similar. The fan can be charged with a micro-USB cable from a covered port in the top of the motor. 1 Write a Product Review Add to Wishlist. This is the first mask that I had found in months that made me surprised. This post contains affiliate links. I could feel some cool air coming into the mask and circulation. To put it more concisely, this is a mask with a fan on it. If you are interested in fashionable dust masks that also provide fine dust protection, I recommend checking out the Idontcare mask. I review a lot of masks, and while there are differences, they are largely the same overall. First, the outer layer is able to prevent water droplets to avoid mask effects, followed by a filter made from non-woven fabric that can filter out fine dust particles. Customer reviews. Getting a perfect fit is very difficult, However. With an over-ear strap design made of soft material, with good elasticity, skin-friendly, it will create comfort, no ear pain when used for long periods of time. Sure, some are better than others, and some have unique features. It is of a decent quality, and I do believe that it is a well made mask. It is important to ensure the tightness of each mask. Place the mask on the face, adjust so that the metal bar is balanced between the bridge of the nose and keep the mask just below the chin. But I haven’t found many masks that fit me perfectly. While 97% fine particle filtration is still a good result, it is less than the 99% that is advertised. This is about standard for reusable masks, with other reusable respirators such as Vogmask and Cambridge Mask also being around the $30 mark. Finally, while the mask does claim to be hand-stitched, it obviously isn’t. 5 Stars. This is due to the fact that the mask has a whole fan attached to the right-cheek. Despite this weight though, the Purely Mask provided a great fit to my face (and the other people that I asked to test it) and after fitting the mask I could feel it moving with my breathing. Yes. The Purely KN95 mask, however, comes with adjustable ear bands that also have a headband included. The Xiaomi Purely KN95 mask is a specialized mask for protecting the health when exposed to the surrounding environment is dusty, harmful agents that the naked eye can not see. Original Price RM 198.00 Discount Rate 24% OFF. However, while I do believe that the masks adhere to the KN95 standard, it is hard to verify the authenticity of the filter. However, at the third and final speed level, I did notice a difference. Although this standard has recently been succeeded, the filters are likely to be updated in the future. Meo Air – Reusable Mask with > 99% filtration. Further, when purchasing replacement filters make sure to buy the official ones, as there are counterfeits out there. For more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer. The mask is rated KN95, meaning that it filters >95% of particles at 0.3μm. What do you think. Is there really a point in having a fan on a mask? (19.9.2020 update) – looking for a fan-powered mask with more powerful fans that provide significantly more airflow? However, in tests, the mask was shown to filter ≥97.5% of particles. However, while the KN has strict requirements, there are sometimes counterfeit and fake filters that claim to have achieved this standard. This information is consistent with the labeling on the interior filter, which claims to meet the GB2626-2006 standard for KN95. Yes. On the second speed, I did begin to notice a difference but not as much as I would have hoped. Get the best deals for xiaomi purely mask at I can not guarantee the effectiveness of the Purely mask filters. When putting it on for the first time you will quickly realise that it is very weighty. In regards to wearing glasses, I found this mask to be better than most (I also wear glasses often). This headband removes the weight that usually sits on the wearers ears. Standard KN95 with 4 high efficiency filters, are made from high-quality non-woven fabric with, help enhance the filtering effect, ensuring more safety for users. Furthermore, filters on the Purely mask are interchangeable, and you can replace them with others if needed. Your email address will not be published. In this review, due to the unique nature of the mask, I also have a look at the special fan. Especially at night time when the light is more obvious. This should not be marketed as such. Anyone who has worn a respirator or mask for a long time will know how uncomfortable they can become over time! Research articles about air pollution. This is mainly due to the language barrier – it’s extremely hard to find resources on any KN95 mask in English.
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