22. You should know the code has worked if you hear a firing sound and see no laser-fire on the screen. First pick Robo Smoke, then before the fight, hold: High Punch, High Kick, Block, Run, and Left (or Right if you are Player 2). – Player 1: LPx5, BLKx5 – Player 2: LPx5, BLKx5 Here’s the trick: 1. * = MK Trilogy Exclusive, Special Moves 4. In order to perform an Animality Finisher on your opponent, you must first do a Mercy. This will make the computer automatically select a fighter for you. Stage Fatalities: Down, Forward, Down, Low Punch. Combo 1: High Punch, High Punch, Low Punch, High Punch. Diving Kick: (In Air) Down + High Kick. Fatality 1: (Close) (Hold Low Punch) Down, Forward, Forward, Down, (Release Low Punch). Here is how to unlock characters (the first three) and save them in the Xbox 360 version of UMK3 which is downloadable from Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points. Basic Combos Taunt: Down, Down, Low Kick. 33. Kung Lao: Run, Run, Block, Run. Enter the following codes at the VS Screen when playing two-players. Shadow Kick: Down, Forward, Low Kick. Kombat Zone: Scislac Busorez – Player 1: LPx9, BLx3, LKx3 Stage Fatalities: Block, Run, Block, Block. Sound Test Menu – Press: Left, Down, Y, Y Ultimate (22) – Become the champion in any single player tournament. 6. Ring Toss: Down, Forward, Low Punch. One of the hardest Achievements to get is the “Beat the Noob” Achievement which tasks you with defeating Noob Saibot by beating him in two rounds. ** High Cannon Ball: Forward, Down, Forward, High Kick. RandPer Kombat (Method 2) – Player 1: LPx4, BLKx6 – Player 2: LPx4, BLKx6 *Brutality: High Punch, Low Punch, High Kick, Low Kick, High Punch, Low Punch, Low Kick, High Kick, High Punch, Low Kick, Low Kick. Low Fireball: Forward, Forward, Low Punch. Unlimited Running – P1: (Yx4, Bx6, Ax6) P2: (Yx4, Bx6, Ax6) Fatality 2: (Sweep) Forward, Forward, Up, Up, High Kick. Combo 1: High Punch, High Punch, Down + High Punch. Stage Fatalities: Forward, Forward, Down, High Punch. Combo 2: Low Kick, Low Kick, Low Kick, Low Kick. Finishing Moves The number indicates the times you must press each button. 2. Combo Number 5 (15) – Complete a 5 hit combo against the CPU. Health Recovery – P1: (Bx1, Ax2) P2: (Bx1, Ax2) So here is how to keep them PERMANENTLY so even after you turn the game off, you’ll still have the characters. This game features characters from every Mortal Kombat along with some new ones, and returning characters that didn’t make the cut in the original version. Friendship: LK, Run, Run, Down. Play through the Tournament. Ground Saw: Back, Back, Back, Run. Unlimited Run – Player 1: LPx4, BLKx6, LKx6 – Player 2: LPx4, BLKx6, LKx6 Stage Fatalities: Down, Down, Forward, Forward, Low Kick. Alternatively you can also press: A, C, Up, B, Up, B, A, Down. Kombat Zone: Noob Saibot Dorfen – Player 1: BLKx5 – Player 2: BLKx5 Welcome to the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 fatality cheats and unlockable characters page. 4. 31. Teleport Stomp: Down, Up. * = MK Trilogy Exclusive, Special Moves Invisible Fighters – P1: (Yx4, Bx4, Ax9) P2: (Yx4, Bx4, Ax9) Air Throw: Forward, Down, Forward, Block, Low Punch. Basic Combos Play as Sub Zero – On the Character Select Screen, Press: X(x7), Y(x6), A(x5), B(x2). 40. Finishing Moves Teleport Punch (Can also be done in air): Down, Back, High Punch. 17. 7. Smoke: Forward, Forward, Low Punch. Stage Fatalities: Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, High Punch. Babality: Down, Down, Forward, Low Kick. Stage Fatalities: Block, Block, High Kick. Finishing Moves Animality: (Close) Forward, Down, Down, Forward. Teleport Punch: Down, Back, High Punch. Kooler Stuff Cheats Menu – At the Main Menu press: Up, B, A, Left, Down, and Y 8-on-8 Endurance Match – At the title screen, highlight ”Start” and then press the Start Button while holding the L and R Button. Winner of This Round Battles Noob Saibot – Player 1: LPx7, BLx6, LKx9 – Player 2: LPx3, BLx4, LKx2. High Fireball: Forward, Forward, High Punch. Basic Combos Finishing Moves Thankfully there is a a much easier way to get this Achievement with a special trick. It’s hard to get because the computer AI is extremely cheap, AND because you can normally only fight Noob by first beating the game (on any difficulty) on single-player mode and then selecting the 4th box (a 3 logo) when you come to the “Lost Treasures of Shao Kahn” screen. Special Moves Upwards Shadow Charge: Forward, Forward, High Punch. Leg Grab: Down + Low Punch + Block. Jax: Forward, Forward, Down, Low Punch. Winner of This Round Battles Shao Kahn – Player 1: BLKx3, LKx3 – Player 2: LPx5, BLKx6, LKx4
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