En ouvrant votre compte professionnel, vous établissez un contact permanent avec le Petit Futé. [2] Carrillo was given a blue mask, trunks and boots and became the highflying tecnico ("good guy" or Face), quickly earning the nicknames El Guerrero Cartaginés ("The Carthagenian Warrior") and La Saeta Azul ("The Blue Arrow"); later he was also referred to as La Furia Azul ("The Blue Fury")[2], During his early days as Aníbal Mil Mascaras and Black Shadow acted as his padrinos or mentors. Merci de nous indiquer votre nouveau numéro. [7] He retained the championship until February 11, 1979, when Jungla Negra pinned him to win the title. Carrilo's career peaked in the late 1960s and the 1970s as he worked for Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre and the Universal Wrestling Association, … [13] Not long after the mask loss Carillo retired, but returned in 1993 to wrestle a series of matches because he needed the money. Carrillo began training for a professional wrestling career at the age of 20, training in Gimnasio Baños Gloria and at the Gimnasio San Francisco de Portales under the tutelage of Chico Fernández and Salvador Flores. Carrilo's career peaked in the late 1960s and the 1970s as he worked for Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre and the Universal Wrestling Association, winning a number of championships. [5], In May 1975, Francisco Flores and Ray Mendoza left EMLL to form a rival wrestling promotion called the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA). The then Black Troop attended his father's mascara contra mascara, and previously was told by Anibal that after the match he would introduce him as his son and his successor, but everything took a very different turn. [1] Om October 24, 1993, Carrillo was on hand as El Hijo del Aníbal ("The son of Aníbal") made his professional wrestling debut. Pour soumettre votre avis vous devez vous connecter. This video is unavailable. Aníbal was among the group of young wrestlers that left EMLL to join the UWA, vacating the NWA World Middleweight Championship in the process. Où et quand partir ? Those plans were changed when promoter Benjamin Mora, who was bitter at CMLL for not working with him, revealed several of CMLL's plans including who was going to unmask Aníbal. The young wrestler came from Guadalajara and watched the match with [7] By the early 1980s Aníbal's popularly was still high, especially as he teamed with Villano III and El Solitario to form a trio called Los Tres Caballeros ("The three gentlemen"). [1] After wrestling for two years Carrillo was convinced by friends in the business that he needed to become an enmascarado, or masked wrestler, since young wrestlers who were popular wore masks. Soyez précis, ainsi nous pourrons traiter rapidement votre suggestion. Je dépose mon avis et je gagne des Foxies. [3] He spent the next couple of years working his way up the ranks in EMLL, honing his high flying skills into a top level competitor. Vous recevrez ensuite par mail vos codes d'accès pour vous connecter à votre compte. During his title reign Aníbal developed a heated rivalry with René Guajardo, a rivalry that saw the two face off in several main events all around Mexico. Créez votre page, faites-vous connaître et reconnaître par la Communauté Futée, et profitez de tous nos services ! [1] On March 30, 1973, Guajardo ended Aníbal's NWA Middleweight title reign. Throughout his career Reyes has often teamed with his … Chaque soirée propose un thème différent. El Hijo de Aníbal (Spanish for "the Son of Aníbal") is billed as Aníbal's son, but it has never been confirmed if he is indeed the son of Carrillo or if he paid for the rights to use the name, a practice not uncommon in Lucha Libre. [1] Aníbal had a series of very intense, very bloody matches against El Solitario in a storyline that drew full houses whenever it was on the card and that was headed for a very high-profile Lucha de Apuesta (Bet match) between the two with their masks on the line.
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