Belcebu was replaced with Pirata Morgan and the trio of MS-1, Satánico and Pirata Morgan quickly became one of the most successful Trios of its time. The storyline between Los Infernales and Los Nuevo Infernales came to a head when the two teams, 7 men all together, faced off in a steel cage match where the winners would earn the right to the name "Los Infernales" and the last man in the cage would lose either his mask or his hair. On April 6, 1993 Los Brazo won the CMLL World Trios Title from Los Infernales; a victory that only helped increase the intensity of the rivalry. Las Momias de Guanajuato. Los Intocables were immediately paired with Los Infernales to create a Rudos vs. Rudos storyline, playing off both the championship chase and the history between the two groups. Satánico and MS-1 were briefly paired up with a wrestler called Belcebu (Belzebub) but the trio just did not work well together. Satanico eventually forms his Nuevo Infernales group, creating, This trio wins the rights to the name Infernales in a cage match, and the other group because, Avenro & Mephisto turn on Satanico, eventually form. Los Infernales ganaron el torneo, derrotando a Los Brazos en la final para convertirse en los campeones el 22 de noviembre de 1991. Euforia publicly said he was uncertain why they were separated, but CMLL never explained. After leaving CMLL Fuentes became a wrestling promoter, promoting shows in smaller arenas around Naucalpan, while also forming a new Los Infernales trio on the Mexican Independent circuit, teaming with his son who wrestled as "MS-1, Jr." and "MS-2", who was often played by various local wrestlers and not one specific person. [4] In October, 1986 Pirata Morgan left the group to form a new group called "Los Bucaneros", in his place Los Infernales recruited Masakre to be their third member. This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 23:11. This particular title is promoted by CMLL. El trío participó en el torneo para coronar a los primeros campeones de trios del CMLL. MS-1, Satánico and Pirata Morgan were both the first Mexican National Trios Champions and the first CMLL World Trios Champions. Los Infernales would only hold the Trios title for approximately 3 months before losing it to La Familia de Tijuana (Damián 666, Halloween and Nicho el Millonario). 70K likes. The trio participated in the tournament to crown the first ever CMLL World Trios Champions. Warcraft III. LOS INFERNALES. The current version of Los Infernales consists of El Satánico, Euforia and Nosferatu, at times Virus acts as the leader of the group with Satánico working a reduced schedule. MS-1 and Masakre faced off in a series of matches, culminating with a headline Luchas de Apuestas match at Arena Mexico that MS-1 won. ; Satanico, MS-1, Masakre - post Pirata Morgan version. [4] Former Infernales member Masakre had formed his own group, Los Intocables (the Untouchables) consisting of himself, Pierroth, Jr. and Jaque Mate (Checkmate). On March 22, 1992 Los Intocables won the CMLL World Trios Title, however Los Infernales got the final victory in their feud as they defeated Los Intocables for the championship on September 20, 1992. [4] After the storyline with Los Intocables ended Los Infernales renewed their rivalry with Los Brazo, facing off in several main events that drew sell-out crowds all over Mexico. [5] while MS-1 and Masakre worked as a tag team, Satánico focused more and more on singles competition, which meant that Los Infernales made fewer appearances as a trio. The stable was created in 1984 and consisted of El Satánico, MS-1 and Espectro, Jr.. A later version where Pirata Morgan replaced Espectro, Jr. is considered the "classic" Infernales team that helped popularize the "Trios" team concept in Lucha Libre. On June 23, 2002 Satánico, Averno and Mephisto defeated the trio of Mr. Niebla, Olímpico and Safari to win the Mexican National Trios Championship. On March 20, 1987 MS-1 and Masakre teamed up to defeat Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras and Máscara Año 2000) to win the Mexican National Tag Team Championship, starting a feud with Los Hermanos Dinamita. In 2009 Satánico has announced that he was reducing the number of shows he would work to focus on his wrestling school, as a result Los Infernales teamed up with Virus as the defact leader of Los Infernales when Satánico was not around. Formations include. In the early 1990s Los Infernales reformed, reuniting MS-1, Satánico and Pirata Morgan. [4] That match was just the first match in a long running Inferlanes/Brazos storyline that would run off and on over the next decade. MS-1 (wrestler), El Satánico and Espectro, Jr. were chosen to form Los Infernales (the Infernals). ; back to the Pirata Morgan lineup in the early 90s until MS-1 left CMLL in early ;96. ; Satanico, MS-1, Pirata Morgan - most successful version of original lineup.. Morgan leaves to form Los Bucaneros. Los Brazos won the initial feud when they defeated Los Infernales for the Mexican Nations Trios Title on December 8, 1985. Foro gratis : pagina de la alianza del universo 23. luchadores infernales Santo contra los Hombres Infernales. In the early 1980s the Trios concept became very popular in Mexico, spearheaded by the trio called Los Misioneros de Muerte (the Missionaries of Death;) who worked for rival promotion Universal Wrestling Association (UWA). "CMLL- Los Hijos del Averno y No Limit firmaron los contratos para Sin Salida – Se presentan los Cancerberos – Flash ahora será Fuego",, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre teams and stables, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mexican National Trios Championship (1 time), This page was last edited on 16 May 2020, at 12:26. After working together for just under a year Bucanero and Guerrero turned on Satánico, kicking him out of Los Nuevo Infernales, replacing him with Tarzan Boy. Formations include Satanico, MS-1, Espectro Jr. - original lineup. The Mexican National championships are sanctioned by the Mexico City boxing and wrestling commission. Euforia & Nosferatu have not been featured as a team in recent months. Virus often teamed with the other two in his place at first, but less as time has gone on. [1] When Tarzan Boy was injured Los Nuevo Infernales brought in Máscara Mágica to bolster the group. On September 28, 2001, at the CMLL 68th Anniversary Show, Satánico's team won the right to the Infernales name and forced Máscara Mágica to unmask. [6] After losing the match Guerrero, Bucanero and Tarzan Boy became known collectively as Los Guerreros del Infierno (The Infernal Soldiers). Infernal en Warcraft 3. ; Satanico, MS-1, Belcebu. The trios has not approached the success of the previous incarnations of Los Infernales, working mainly lower to mid-card matches; the group is intended to give the two young wrestlers more ring experience and further training under Satánico.
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