The future continuous tense is used to talk about actions that will be in progress in the future. He’s driving too fast. Then write the complete sentences below using the future tense. B. have a backache _____ 3. The first future tense is the future with "will." Preguntar. Use the future with will to talk about an event in the future that you have just decided to do, for predictions and for promises. ... use of will for making predictions about the futurepairwork activity , one page for four pairs. Iniciar sesión. A. take the next plane _____ 2. 1. A simple worksheet to drill the "be going to" future". One of them is for making predictions and guessing about future events. Future Tense with “Going To” – Making Predictions What’s Going to Happen? 8,255 Downloads. Read about how to make the future simple here. By loveteaching A simple worksheet to drill the "be going to" future". 1. 1 Directions: Match the sentences on the left with the words on the right. Registrarse. BE GOING TO for future intentions & predictions. By loveteaching. Futures tenses in English. BE GOING TO for future intentions & predictions. By MissAndreaP. Future tense with “going to” making predictions , . Will and be going to exercises. Be going to - exercises Will - future simple Will or be going to Future continuous Future perfect - exercises Future perfect continuous Home. This means that something now (in the present) tells us what is going to happen in the future. Contestada Future tense with “going to” making predictions , . {see Future Continuous, B1 level}. Iniciar sesión. Predictions about the future are made every day. Crystal ball predictions. Registrarse. Video -> will / be going to. How to use the Simple Future with Will and Be Going To. ... Future Tenses INTERMEDIATE - (B&W and Key included) This worksheet contains a brief explanation on future tenses with some examples: simp... 20,923 Downloads . Download this explanation in PDF here. Index of contents. D 1. It is the basic way we talk about the future in English, and we often use it if there is no reason to use another future tense. Future Predictions whit will Appunto di Inglese con descrizione dei tre futuri: quello con Going to, quello col present continuous, e quello con will. Besides these two there are some other future tenses which can be started on the advanced future tenses page. We use the future continuous tense for different purposes. Will 1: We use the future simple with 'will' to predict the future. Elementary and intermediate level esl. We use the structure to be going to + infinitive if we make a prediction about the future because we have evidence now that supports us in making that prediction. TatianaFlorez2948 16.12.2017 Inglés Universidad +14 pts. I didn’t study for the test. Recibe ahora mismo las respuestas que necesitas! Worksheets - handouts.
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