[14], The forensic report stated that he died of "cranioencephalic trauma". Controversy, investigation of the accident and initial reaction, During the late 1980s until the crisis of 2001, Argentina adopted the suggestion of the IMF to fix the exchange rate of the Argentine peso (ARS) to 1ARS=1US$ (, Due to the inconsistency of CAPIF charts until 2000, only known chart rankings are noted. During family meetings, Bueno would sing their songs for his relatives into a wooden microphone, a gift from his carpenter uncle. The attendance included Deputy Mayor María Eugenia Vidal and Cabinet Chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; Bueno's family, business associates and his fans. [70] Bueno was heavily involved with the creative process of his act. Biografía. The prosecutor alleged that his maneuver eventually led to the death of Bueno and requested a thirteen-year sentence. Pacheco claimed that Ramiro Pacheco was the legitimate son of Bueno and requested a DNA test to verify it. He dropped out of school at the age of twelve and successfully auditioned for the band Manto Negro. Bueno's hair was short, dyed usually in blue, turquoise, red or violet. [32] [55] Bueno was the subject of tributes on Argentine television, including one from the show Gracias por Venir, which was attended by some of his relatives and close friends. One of the songs from the set, a cover of a María Elena Walsh song, was used as the opening theme of the children's show Carozo y Narizota, broadcast on El Trece (Channel 13) in Argentina. The popularity of the recordings propelled Bueno to achieve national fame in Argentina. Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno (Spanish: [roˈðɾiɣo aleˈxandɾo ˈβweno]; May 24, 1973 – June 24, 2000), also known by his stage name Rodrigo or his nickname "El Potro" ("the Colt"), was an Argentine singer of cuarteto music.He is widely regarded as the best, most famous and most influential singer in the history of this genre. Bueno sold 500,000 records during his lifetime,[23] and the sales quintupled a month after his death, with his last album selling more than a million copies. His short, dyed hair and casual clothes differed from typical cuarteto singers with strident colors and long curly hair. [36] Reruns of his concerts garnered large audiences when they were broadcast on television stations such as Azul Televisión, América 2 and Crónica TV. [33] His stress level was further increased from receiving multiple death threats. Bueno's schedule at the time included twenty-five to thirty shows weekly. Bueno and Olmedo, who were not wearing seat belts, were thrown from the car around kilometer 24.5–25 of the highway. Fernando nació en 1959, cuando su padre ya comenzaba su carrera artística, un año antes de la presentación del Capitán Piluso.Fue el hijo mayor del primer matrimonio del capocómico Alberto Olmedo (fallecido accidentalmente en 1988) con Judith Jaroslavsky. [56], A tribute concert was performed on January 16, 2013 during the opening of the first Cuarteto Carnival, based on the Bahian Carnival. [24], In addition to the show, Bueno was also performing an estimated of twenty-five to thirty concerts per week, including nightclubs, television and other concerts. [42], Bueno spread cuarteto, originally a typical genre from the Córdoba Province, to a national level. [43] Shortly after his death on the 27th kilometer of the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway, fans built a "sanctuary" memorial including a statue as a tribute. [49][50] The film was not as successful as anticipated, however, and was regarded by some as an attempt to make a profit out of the memory of the singer. [23] (equivalent to US$2,000,000 in 2020). [8] On April 8, he received the keys to the city of Formosa after having offered a concert in spite of the celebrations of its 121st anniversary. [3] His mother, Beatriz Olave, was a newsstand owner and songwriter. Instead, she decided to place the body in Las Praderas Cemetery in Monte Grande. In 1995, Bueno signed a contract with Sony Music that lasted only for the release of the album Sabroso; the next year he signed a contract with Magenta Records that granted him one percent of his record sales. After a short trial, the driver of the other vehicle was found not guilty; the judge considered Bueno to have been responsible for driving imprudently. In anger, Bueno started chasing the Blazer. [62] In January 2015 a new Rodrigo statue was unveiled. [14] Following the success of the show at the Astral Theater, Bueno presented a series of concerts called Cuarteto Característico Rodrigo A 2000 (Characteristic Cuarteto, Rodrigo to 2000) in the Luna Park Arena starting on April 5, 2000. Watch Queue Queue During his career, Bueno expanded cuarteto music to the Argentine national scene, remaining one of the main figures of the genre. A friend of his father belonged to the local band Manto Negro and offered Rodrigo a spot in the band. At the age of five, with the help of his father, he recorded his first album, Disco Baby. Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno was born on May 24, 1973, in Córdoba, Argentina as the first of three brothers. He produced his own records, wrote his own songs and designed the visuals for his shows, including the looks of the stage and graphic campaigns, such as flyers and posters. [36], A series of tribute albums was released in the subsequent months by the companies owning his catalogs. To connect with Fernando Obsalon, sign up for Facebook today. Bueno's mother did not attend his funeral, but she appeared on the show and said that the question of accident versus murder would soon be clarified. Fernando nació en 1959, cuando su padre ya comenzaba su carrera artística, un año antes de la presentación del Capitán Piluso.Fue el hijo mayor del primer matrimonio del capocómico Alberto Olmedo (fallecido accidentalmente en 1988) con Judith Jaroslavsky. [2][8] Bueno had written songs since the age of ten, but he would not show them to his colleagues because of his grammar mistakes. His father, Eduardo Alberto Bueno, was a record store owner and music producer for Columbia Records[2] as well as BMG, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. Leopoldo de la Cañada ( chacarera Doble ) Música fernando olmedo Letra: Gustavo Vergara Estudio de Grabación: RUTA 20 RECORDS Director: José … In 1990, he published his debut album, La Foto de tu Cuerpo, through Polygram Records. The police source mentioned the possibility that Rodrigo's intensive routine might have increased the production of adrenaline in his body.
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