[9][10][11], In addition, he won a charro suit in an amateur contest at the Colonial Theater, singing Vereda Tropical. Now, translate the following sentences from English to Spanish, using el verbo Tener: – I am 33 years old – He is 25 years old – We are 46 years old – They are 21 years old – Are you 18 years old? -Qué importa eso ! He has an album called De Mexicali hasta Reynosa. Como actor de cine ha participado en la película La peor de mis bodas, en el mismo año. [2], Infante was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 1, 1993. Classroom Teacher: * Foret. He started singing when he was 5 years old and has participated in many singing contests. Pues tengo la experiencia de los años vividos y la fuerza de la convicción de mis deseos. Career. Although the Infante Cruz family stayed for some time at Mazatlán, in early 1919 they moved to Guamúchil. Infante appeared in such motion pictures as: Waltzes, cha-cha-chas, rancheras and boleros placed him among the most popular singers of the mariachi and ranchera music. Barajas, who knew people in the business as she was the aunt of the child actress Angélica María, worked then at the Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Producción Cinematográfica, S.T.P.C. ¿Cuántos años tienes? He is sometimes credited as Augustine Bernal. (Which Mexicans have a star in Hollywood)", "Blades, Jobim Among Latin Hall Inductees", "THE "API A PEDRO INFANTE MUSEUM" INAUGURATED IN ISLA ARENA (GALLERY)", "El Centro Cultural Pedro Infante abre sus puertas en Cuajimalpa", "Rinden homenaje a Pedro Infante, ídolo de México (They pay tribute to Pedro Infante, idol of Mexico)", "INAUGURA GUAMÚCHIL EL MUSEO MÁS GRANDE DE PEDRO INFANTE A NIVEL NACIONAL (Guamúchil opens the largest Pedro Infante Museum at the national level)", "Guamúchil recuerda a Pedro Infante a 62 años de su muerte (Guamúchil remembers Pedro Infante 62 years after his death)", "Monumento a Pedro Infante, símbolo de pasión de un pueblo por su ídolo (Monument to Pedro Infante, symbol of a people's passion for their idol)", "Recuerdan sus hijos y cientos de yucatecos a Pedro Infante (His children and hundreds of Yucatecans remember Pedro Infante)", "Pedro Infante el gran ídolo de México (Pedro Infante, Mexico's great idol", "Quieren cambiar monumento a Pedro Infante en Mazatlán; que no se parece, dicen (They want to change Pedro Infante's monument in Mazatlán; that does not look like, it does not look like him)", "Con sólo un busto recuerdan sitio donde murió Pedro Infante (With only a bust they remember the plate Pedro Infante died)", "La Hora de Pedro Infante; el más largo homenaje: 55 años al aire (The Pedro Infante Hour; the longest tribute; 55 years on the air", "Pedro Infante "desfila" en moto (Pedro Infante "parades" on a motorcycle)", "Inauguran parque en honor a Pedro Infante en Mérida (Park inaugurated in honor of Pedro Infante in Mérida)", "Who Is Pedro Infante? La edad en que puedo gritar sin miedo lo que pienso. Some of his most popular songs include: Amorcito Corazón (approximately My Little Love, Sweetheart), Te Quiero Así (I Love You Like This), La Que Se Fue (She Who Left), Most Popular #29528. [14], In Mexico City, he sang the songs of composers including Alberto Cervantes, José Alfredo Jiménez, Cuco Sánchez, Tomás Méndez, Rubén Fuentes, (some of the most renowned composers from the golden age of Mexican Cinema) Salvador Flores Rivera (Chava Flores) (better known for his humorous songs), René Touzet and others. Se cuantos años tienes. [2] For his performance in the movie Tizoc, he was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actor posthumously at the 7th Berlin International Film Festival. She succeeded in convincing Negrete to recommend Infante to the producer Ismael Rodríguez, and others. World Music Singer. In Guamúchil, at the Museo a Pedro Infante, he is depicted as a singer, wearing his traditional charro suit, with a guitar by his side. Christian Nodal. He and Pee Wee are both popular Mexican singers. [50], In 2017, for what would have been Infante's 100th birthday, his life and career was celebrated with a Google Doodle that featured a slideshow with six graphics depicting Infante wearing traditional Mariachi garb, as a singer, a boxer as well as others. If your racial and cultural background or ethnicity is other, then it's about time you learned about the most famous of Mexican singers and actors. World Music Singers. Agustín Bernal (born Romualdo Bucío Bucío; 1959 in the town of El Cahulote in Parácuaro, Michoacán – 8 January 2018) was a Mexican actor, film director, writer, and producer, mostly known for his frequent appearances in Mexican urban westerns, action films, and crime thrillers. Infante had survived two prior plane crashes, the first one occurred in 1947, and another in 1949 in which he had received an injury to his forehead that that left him with a metal plate. Mexican singer and social media sensation who has more than 1.8 million likes on his Facebook page. [12], His wife, María Luisa León, who died of cardiac arrest on 27 October 1978, was somewhat well-off, economically. World … The museum is located at 88 Constitution St in Mazatlán. Irma Infante (b. Corazón (Heart), El Durazno (The Peach), Dulce Patria (Sweet Fatherland), Maldita Sea Mi Suerte (Cursed Be My Luck), Así Es La vida (Life Is Like This), Mañana Rosalía (Tomorrow Rosalía), Mi Cariñito (My Little Darling), Dicen Que Soy Mujeriego (They Say I Am A Womanizer), Carta a Eufemia (Letter to Eufemia), Nocturnal, Cien Años (Hundred Years), Flor Sin Retoño (Flower Without Sprout), Pénjamo, and ¿Qué Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer? Museo a Pedro Infante - In 2017, a musuem was opened in Guamúchil to commemorate Pedro Infante's career called Museo a Pedro Infante (Pedro Infante Museum) that contains a Jeep owned by Infante as well as other personal articles that belonged to him as well as movie and music memorabilia that pertain to his career.
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