SSJ2 Gohan is leagues ahead of Super Perfect Cell in raw strength and pure power . re: Super Perfect Cell vs. SSJ2 Gohan (Uninjured) quote Lightsworn You can see it in his face he was holding back, and right when he was about to finish off Gohan Vegeta distracted him. Win by deathNo knowledgeFight to the death. The problem comes when you talk about ki/body dualism (yes I went there), and energy output. I don't like judging SPC vs. SSJ2 Gohan by the beam struggle. If … So much so that even when his power level dipped as he broke his arm saving Vegeta from Cell attack killing him and he could only use one hand to power up a Kamehameha, his was still strong enough to kill Cell. re: SSJ2 Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell Gohan was confident he could still beat Cell, but Cell disagreed, and Gohan admitted after being injured that he underestimated how strong Cell became. Ssj2 goku plus seven years of training(we all know how hard goku trains) would be a stomp. Gohan beat him when he was already injured. For example, take the idea of a tank of compressed air. When Cell came back stronger, he also came back at 100% energy/stamina. Gohan said that his energy was cut in half, which is easily believable. SSJ2 Kid Gohan: 120 Super Perfect Cell: 100 SSJ2 Pre-Majin Vegeta: 100 SSJ2 Teen Gohan: 78 SSJ Goku: 62.5 FP Perfect Cell: 50 SSJ Pre-Majin Vegeta: 50 Dabura: 45 SSJ Kid Gohan: 40 SSJ Teen Gohan: 39 Reason I put Gohan's final rage boost so high is because he managed to Kill SPC after Battle Damage reduced his Power by 50% and with only 1 hand. SSJ2 Vegeta(Pre-Majin) vs Super Perfect Cell. Honestly, ANY SSJ2 should beat Super Perfect Cell. Gohan is still quite a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell. Super Perfect Cell > SSJ2 Teen Gohan > FP-Perfect Cell = Dabura > SSJ Kid Gohan => SSJ Teen Gohan. While Gohan just intercepted a blast that would have killed Vegeta. He was also distraught from having Goku (and Trunks) die. IMO Yes. It's a stomp in favour of Kid Gohan & Cell imo, Teen Gohan & Dabura don't stand a chance. So by that logic a hypothetical ssj2 goku during cell games would also beat ssj2 teen gohan.
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