Nelson's brother. The director of the night school. Inmate in the prison where Omar is transferred. In love with Luciana. Illegitimate son of Horacio Paternó, half-brother of Vito, husband of Micaela, father of Abril. Omar starts a relationship with Griselda out of guilt after she tried to take her own life when he told her he was in love with Luciana and not with her. Bárbara Amaral as Rita del Valle. Esta página contiene tres partes. De esperarQue esperar?Esperar que ella vuelvay le diga acá estoy mi amorno existe el olvido,acá estoy mi amor de vueltahe vencidoLo puedes creer, no existe el olvido mi amorNo existe... * Agradecemos a + [[ EviL AnGeL ]] + por haber añadido la letra 'Campanas en la noche' de Los Tipitos. Oh, Senhor, Deus do amor Pobrezinho nasceu em Belém Eis na Lapa Jesus nosso bem Dorme em paz, ó, Jesus Dorme em paz, ó, Jesus Noite feliz! CAMPANAS EN LA NOCHE es una canción de Los Tipitos del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Armando Camaleón. Becomes involved with Nelson's cult. Pablo and Florencia's son, Luciana's nephew. History teacher at the night school. Patricia Viggiano as María Marta Cervantes. Murdered Jimena when she turned down his advances. Vito kidnaps Luciana and tries to flee the country, but fails and is finally arrested for Iracema's murder. Luciana finds out about Vito's manipulations and when she goes to confront him, she sees him in the throes of passion with her own mother, María Marta (Patricia Viggiano). Ailin Zaninovich as Yanina Gauna. In love with Bruna. Before the pair can kill Vito, José and Omar stop them. Alejandro Zanga as Tula, drug dealer ally with Vito. To get Omar to tell him where Luciana is, Vito kidnaps Bruna. Now more empowered than ever, Luciana decides to help Omar, his police officer friend José (Rodrigo Guirao Díaz), and Iracema's sister, Rita (Bárbara Amaral), bring Vito to justice. Murders Micaela & Enrico. It premiered on January 14, 2019 and ended on May 15, 2019. Adoptive father of Bruna, grandson of Damián. Germán de Silva as Raúl Mastandrea. Omar's past, which he thought he had escaped, comes back to haunt him and he finally has to clear his name. Noite feliz! She was killed by Felipe. Omar's longtime friend, Griselda Ramos (Eugenia Tobal), who has always been in love with him, works with Vito to keep Omar and Luciana apart. Murdered by Alejandro. Wants justice for Iracema's murder. Has an affair with Vito. Laura Laprida as Micaela Valente., Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. These series of events causes the truth about Vito murdering Iracema to finally come out. This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 20:40. Vito is furious that Omar not only "stole" two women he loved, but his daughter, too. Patricio Aramburu as Felipe. Eugenia Tobal as Griselda Ramos. Businesswoman. Campanas en la noche (English: Bells at Night) is a 2019 Argentine telenovela created by Lily Ann Martin and Jessica Valls for Telefe. Matías Barki as Jonatan "El Chori" Pedrozo. When Vito is about to kill Bruna, Omar has no choice but to reveal to Vito that Bruna is his biological daughter. Noite feliz! Noemí Frenkel as Lidia Villegas. Flavio's lover. Luciana finally realizes what kind of man Vito is. Luciana gets engaged to Vito, much to Omar's disappointment. Campanas en la noche Letra: Un hombre de frente a una ventana, Súper lúcida la mirada, Recorre el paisaje y no, no es su interior, es luna.. Canción Significado; Noite feliz! Lawyer. Immediately after, Griselda throws herself out of a window and falls to her death. Vito then kidnaps Omar and tries to kill him, but Luciana arrives just in time to save him. Romina Moretto as Susana Renzi. Lola Banfi as Iracema del Valle. Omar's cellmate when he is jailed for the alleged death of Vito. Iracema later met Luis, who agreed to raise the baby as his own. She commits suicide after all of her wrongdoings. César Bordón as Bartolomé Navarro. Dies after being poisoned by Griselda. Originally from Brazil. Luciana and Omar start a relationship, but their happiness is cut short when they are torn apart by a scheme orchestrated by Vito and Griselda. Works with Vito to separate him from Luciana. Diego Faturos as Lalo. It stars Esteban Lamothe, Calu Rivero and Federico Amador, with a supporting cast including Eugenia Tobal, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, Patricia Viggiano, Mariano Argento, Adrián Navarro, Martín Slipak, Laura Laprida, Clara Alonso, Franco Masini, Azul Fernández, Bárbara Amaral, and the special participation of Héctor Bidonde and Jean Pierre Noher. Diego Gentile as Pablo Ballesteros. Luciana believes in his innocence and decides to help him. Esperar que ella vuelvay le diga acá estoy mi amorno existe el olvido,acá estoy mi amor de vueltahe venidoLo puedes creer, no existe el olvido mi amorNo existe... Su mente inquieta se puebla de historiasSu cuerpo es solo memoriaEs eso que hay que sentirCon paciencia infinitaAndando las calles ajenasDe hombres que al fin le dan penaCampanas en la nocheruidos de melancolíaDe esperarQue esperar?
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