She is the mother of Andy and Molly Davis. A small scene shows Andy looking for the missing toys, through the lost eye of Mrs. Andy as he appears in Toy Story 3 in a flashback as a child. Durante sus días de escolaridad, ha participado en muchas actividades deportivas, como lo indican sus trofeos y certificados. Andy decides to take Woody to college and to put the rest of his remaining toys - Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Mr. and Mrs. Then Bonnie peeks into the box to see Woody inside. También fue mencionado en el 2013 y 2014 Toy Story vacaciones especiales. Throughout the Toy Story movies, Andy Davis, the owner of the many magical toys was the soul of the series and the character whom all the toys wanted to please. In Toy Story 3, Andy is now 17 years old (as said by Mr. También fue mencionado en el 2013 y 2014 Toy Story vacaciones especiales. Ella quiere tener a Woody, pero Andy es inicialmente renuente a regalar su juguete favorito, pero se da cuenta de lo mucho que Bonnie le encanta Woody, al igual que lo ha hecho durante sus años de infancia, y le da a Woody también, diciéndole que tome especial cuidado con él. It is currently unknown on what job or profession Andy is studying to be in college. Se queda en la casa de Bonnie para jugar con sus juguetes una última vez. In Toy Story, Woody has been Andy's favorite toy until he receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday, and quickly becomes fascinated with him. As he prepares to pull away from Bonnie's house, he turns to give his toys one last fond look, and thanks them for the fun and joy they have brought him. Andy as he appears in Toy Story 3 as a teenager. En Toy Story 2 … Throughout the years prior to this point, he participated in many extracurricular activities, such as little league and soccer, as indicated by his trophies and certificates. For Disney, besides voicing Andy in the Toy Story film trilogy, as well as Toy Story 3: The Video Game, he also voiced Santa Boy in the 1993 Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He knew people did it and it looked a lot like wishing or hoping only asking somebody instead of just expressing want. Toy StoryToy Story 2Toy Story 3Toy Story 4 (flashback) Potato Head and the Aliens - in the attic. The DVD commentary stated that Molly had grown to the age where she was no longer interested in toys, preferring electronics and magazines. In the Toy Story series, Andy lives with his little sister Molly and their mom. In Toy Story 2, Andy is shown to have grown up slightly. Woody and Buzz mentioned Andy when they appeared at the 2016 Oscars. Buzz está convencido de que él es un verdadero explorador espacial. The end credits of the first Toy Story movie has Andy's mom credited as Mrs. Davis, confirming Andy's last name is Davis. Cuando ve que entre los juguetes están Jessie y Bullseye, Andy felizmente los agrega a su colección, llamándolos "Bazooka Jane y su caballo propulsado por chorro". Andrew M. Davis, professor of astronomy and geophysics at the University of Chicago; Andy Davis (Arkansas politician) (born 1975), member of the Arkansas House of Representatives; Andy Davis (Toy Story), fictional character in the film Toy Story; See also. In the film, Andy made an appearance in the flashbacks that take places before the events of the third and fourth films. Andy Davis; Mrs. Davis (Toy Story) Alternate Canon; Toy Story 3 didn't happen; Human Woody Pride; Father Figures; Adoption; Past Character Death; Andy's dad is dead; Summary. En Toy Story, Andy cumple años y le regalan un Buzz Lightyear de juguete que hace que Woody se ponga celoso. Sin embargo, su posición se ve afectada por la llegada de Buzz Lightyear, una figura de acción de astronauta que Andy obtiene como regalo de cumpleaños. At the film's climax, Andy returns home from Cowboy Camp. Darla from Finding Nemo makes an appearance in Toy Story 3 on Molly Davis' magazine. Potato Head) and is now heading to college as his slightly aged mother asks him what he will do with his toys. Someone was holding the model of Molly at the airport in Toy Story 2. ", El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. He then finds him lying out on the driveway and he picks him up and returns inside. Cuando accidentalmente causa un robo en el brazo de Woody, su mamá siente lástima por él, diciendo que los juguetes no duran para siempre, un sentimiento alimentado por Stinky Pete que quiere Woody para ir en exhibición y por Jessie que le dice a Woody de su pasado dueño que Creció y la abandonó. The original plans for a "Woody's Nightmare" scene in, Andy's cell phone number is 555-0112, a number that is also seen in, The shot of Andy giving Woody a ride on his back at the end of, In the third film, when Andy is at his toy chest, deciding whether he should keep Woody or Buzz, it echoes the first film when he decides which to sleep with. Los juguetes son tirados accidentalmente como basura por la Sra. Al final de la película, Andy había recibido un perrito (a quien llamó Buster) por su regalo de Navidad. Una pequeña escena muestra a Andy buscando los juguetes perdidos, a través del ojo perdido de la señora Potato Head.
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