MakerBot: Ingeniero Mecánico Senior
Fecha de publicación: Martes, 12 Noviembre 2013
País: Estados Unidos

MakerBot busca un Ingeniero Mecánico Senior para trabajar en su sede en Nueva York.

Será encargado de dirigir un equipo para craer nuevos e innovadores productos.

Transcripción de la oferta:


Lead the team responsible for creating new and innovative products.  At MakerBot, an amazing idea is brought to life in seconds, whether a concept, a new product or an experience.  We need people who share our passion for turning dreams into reality.

We are looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer who can lead and coach engineering teams to successfully develop new products. If you have the appropriate degree and extensive work experience required to help take MakerBot to the next level, read on.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  •    Design, implement, debug and improve systems for 3D printing and other technologies
  •    Mentor, delegate and review work assignments of junior team members
  •    Technical (Mechanical Engineering) Team Leader for new, innovative products
  •    Acquire and test prototype systems

   Job Qualifications  

  •    BA/BS degree in engineering or similar field (MS prefered)
  •    ​Minimum: 5 years cumulative part/assy design experience after receiving Bachelors degree
  •    Extensive experience with Injection molded part design
  •    Experience and Ability to lead and coach a team of high performing, competent engineers
  •    Broad technical knowledge of mechanical systems and (drive train) components
  •    Knowledge of manufacturing, tooling techniques/capabilities: (CNC, Laser, Injection Molding,   formed parts, etc.)
  •    Knowledge of materials, uses and characteristics: Plastics, Metals
  •    Knowledge of hardware: standard/metric, screws, bolts, pins: (clearance, tap, press fits, etc.)
  •    Experience designing Linear and Rotary motion systems, and familiarity with components/types
  •    Strong experience with SolidWorks, FEA tools
  •    Able to coach Best Practices and Design Intent; CAD Sketches and Feature Tree structure
  •    Ability to think quickly and act decisively, work in a team and/or independently

As a Hands-On Coach and a mentor for Junior and Mid-level engineers this candidate MUST HAVE
EXTENSIVE WORKING EXPERIENCE with at least two of the following:(Preference will be given to candidates that have a proven track record of all three) 

  •   Injection molded part and housing design, working with injection molders and mold makers
  •   Sheet Metal and Product/Appliance Chassis Design
  •   Design of  Linear and Rotary Motion Systems

Bonus Qualifications

  •   Familiarity with 3D printing or MakerBot


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