Portobello 3D printer

Valoración de los usuarios
Orchis Print Solutions
SLA, Proyector DLP
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
115x64x95 mm
Espesor de capa:
25 - 100 microns
Precisión en posicionamiento eje XY:
60 microns
Tipos de archivo:
S.O. compatibles:
Precio (sin impuestos):
2907,00 €
País de fabricación:
Países Bajos
Enlace: orchis-print.nl

The Portobello 3D printer uses a very high X-axis and Y-axis resolution of 60 microns. The Z-axis resolution is configurable from 25 to 100 micron. For comparison, an average human hair is about 100 microns thick. One of the most commonly asked questions is about accuracy tolerances, because the answer is a long answer, we wrote a blog post about it! Accuracy blog post


It is possible to use different types of resins, resulting in different kind of materials. We have tested with Spot A Materials using the GP variant with red dye and pigment. And with MakerJuice SubG+ with red dye and white pigment.

The printer can work with dye and pigment. Dye fully dissolves in resin whereas pigment becomes am emulsion. Because the printer uses a fluid, it is only possible to use one color. Red dye is needed to give the best results and we almost exclusively use it, recently mixed with white pigment to give an opaque model that is easier to paint. The printed model can be painted very well with acrylic paints.

The printer uses a reservoir which remains filled with resin. This means the printer is always ready for use. You will require to fill the reservoir with about 3KG of resin for the first time use, but you only use the amount of resin required for your model, making sure you have very little waste, so you actually use less resin!

Download our safety instructions (Dutch, translation pending) to learn more about safe usage of the printer. The resins we have tested with are safe to use when you follow the MSDS provided by the supplier.


We have opted for a Full-HD projector only, currently we use the Acer P1500 projector. The Full-HD resolution offers a larger work area and a very good resolution. We do not modify the projector, the required lens is integrated into the printer base unit. The projector can be shared among multiple printers and be used as a regular projector this way. Not modifying the projector, means warranty is not void.