Old World Laboratories

Sección: Impresoras 3D
Servicios: Fabricante de impresoras 3D
1388 Taylor Farm Road Suite #101
Virginia Beach, CA
Estados Unidos
Información de la empresa:

Old World Laboratories (OWL) makes industrial-grade 3D printing accessible to everyone. 

Founded in 2013, OWL revolutionizes how engineers, medical professionals, educators, hobbyists and designers of all kinds create and produce. OWL’s powerful, but affordable, 3D printers allow anyone with a computer and an idea to create art, design products and craft solutions. If you can dream it, OWL can build it.

OWL Nano is a watershed product in desktop 3D printing. Compact and quiet enough to fit in any workspace, the OWL Nano supports a build volume of 150mm x 150mm x 200mm. And remarkably, the OWL Nano prints objects with a resolution 100x more precise than its closest competitor in the $2,000 – $5,000 price range. The OWL Nano offers the accuracy and reliability of significantly more expensive, larger machines.

The monumental leap in resolution stems from the OWL Nano’s use of next-generation stereolithographic printing. Stereolythographic printing focuses a laser beam on liquid photopolymer resin. A solid plastic is formed when the laser traces a cross-section on the resin’s surface. More delicate than other 3D printing technologies, stereolithographic printing delivers unparalleled precision. 

OWL Nano takes stereolithography to a higher level. Unlike other stereolithographic printers, which bounce a fusing laser beam off mirrors before reaching the voxel, the OWL Nano positions its laser source just centimeters from the voxel, allowing the highly tuned, single strand laser to focus on an area as small as 1/10th of a micron. The OWL Nano’s laser also maintains a perfect perpendicular position above the object it is forming, which creates a more balanced 3D print.

With these advances, the OWL Nano maintains a minimum layer thickness 100x smaller than any other competitor in its category. With greater efficiencies, it also minimizes fumes – eliminating the need for additional room ventilation – and provides more control over operating temperature. The OWL Nano forms objects with much higher resolution using less energy.

The OWL Nano makes ultra-precision 3D printing an affordable tool for every designer or draftsperson, prosumer or dedicated hobbyist. OWL Nano Desktop 3D Printers are available for sale through our website.